Player Session 60

Player Session 60

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Session 60:

According to Chesty

The hoard approaches still, I armor up (spell like), other spells release, Gaul seemed to summon snakes out of the sand, this is a spell I have not seen before. Jorl webs many of the remaining, we have another group coming behind this, I am worried about the coming few minutes.

There was a caster that hit us with a cloud of putridness, I have never felt so sick, it effected several of us, but fortunately Jorl was solid and carried me out of the cloud. The next several moments were blurry as I know things happened but I was too busy emptying my stomach to notice. When I got up it was chaos, it was only a few minutes of fighting but it seemed to go on for hours,……… I killed the caster that dropped the stink on us and then tried to take down a leader. But the rest of the guys where able to handle the survivors, I noticed the rest of the horde bearing down on us and decided we needed to leave. I had just came up with this spell, a improved version of Stohagan’s transport spell, it was a do or die moment, we were not going to outrun the horde beasts and we were not going to be able to fight them enmass. I had everyone jump into the portable hole, and I cast, we lived and ended up instantaneously back at my room at the Fallen Paladin.

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