Player Session 62

Player Session 62

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Session 62

Upon on entering The Fallen Paladin it has been rearranged, and as soon as I let them out of the portable hole pandemonium ensues. I tried to get Hannigan to help, but he did not. Gaul left with Canis without anyone dying, but it was a close thing. After all that I went to talk to Conleth about what is the issue with my room. Apparently Conleth has been displaced from as owner from the inn. When I attempt to engage with the “new owner” he insults me greatly and tells me he owns it all and I should depart, I of course replied to said insult with the only tool that merits such an act, my hand stung but it will take a while for that impertiant bastard to NOT have my handprint on his face. He (un-expectly) ran out calling for the guards. I must be more intimidating lately. I of course follow and also call for the guards, We get a audience with the Baron where I am able to assert my claim as 40%, after settling that I was able to clear Conleth’s name and restore his ownership of the Inn (60%). Afterwards we go to Hannigan and get our loot identified. Stohagan and Dinkgus seem very uninterested in anything going on around them,…… Almost like they aren’t actually present………………………… We got the Staff and both of the SoN’s rings identified, Though I feel the need to recheck her go of it, I believe there is more to that ring. We agree to stay in town until we identified the items and Stohagan finishes his book. I have settled with Conleth and have agreed to spend 500gp to celebrate Mark, our return and Conleth’s return to grace.

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