Player Session 65

Player Session 65

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According to Chesty:

We have done what is needed to do here in Farthorp. Made provisions to travel south. I have had a clever wagon made that will allow Dinkgus to shoot out the front. Bought extra horses and provisions, and a trained falcon. Canis and I built up two hovels into nice houses using Stone Wall and Stone shape Spells, I learned a lot about the whole process in doing it. I have told Conleth of our plans to go South, and instructed him to rent out the properties as he can.

We depart, heading South, we decide to go towards where the Ettins had laired as we know the way and it will accommodate the wagon. Be a good shake down for the new equipment. Jorl discovers a mess of Rats feeding on something, I had the Rats stop feeding, Dinkgus talked to them, and we had them show us their lair, we went there and I had them start digging out all their “nonrat” material, while we were doing that, a large roar let us know that the rest of the party had picked a fight with a dragon. “Lord of the Southern Hills” he called himself, he’s dead now. He isn’t Lord of anything. Dink has been carrying that medusa head around for weeks now, good thing too. Course we can’t really PROVE we killed it, he was 100ft in the air at the time, broke into a whole bunch of pieces. Jorl and I followed some of the Dragon’s kobold minions, they beat feet in a strait line for miles, got attacked by wolves, which I used to my advantage, as I then got the wolves to kill most of the kobolds. We “rescued” and made a deal with him to show us the mountain and let us take the treasure and we’d let him live. After seeing what we did to the Dragon and then with the wolves he was quick to agree.

He led us to the Dragon’s lair, and even was quiet helpful with convincing the other kobolds that we were in fact not bluffing. We discussed with the tribal “leaders”, (Pubahs? Who knows what they call themselves) and struck a deal, we’d take the horde, and we wouldn’t tell anyone the dragon is dead and everyone would call it square. I decided to pay them 6,000 gold pieces to help us load it all into the hole (and also to make it less likely they’d try to double cross us [really I took 6,000 copper pieces and used a scroll of Fool’s Gold be hours before they figure it out]) The portable hole is really such a handy item. We loaded it up and had the wolves escort us back to where the wagon and the others were…… find the wagon and others gone……..because, of course they were, we could have been captured by the dragon’s mate or dead in a ditch, or broken and bleeding somewhere but they decided to forgo all that and just head back to town. So I teleported us back to the inn. We then had to find the rest of the party, they were holed up at one of the shacks we bought. We counted out the treasure, identified the magic items and the world went black,…….when we came to, the world had gone quiet,………

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