Player Session 67

Player Session 67

See Also: Session 67

We depart back towards Farthorp. We hire some hirelings in Pollish. Hear a lot of rumors of increased Goblin activity, to include farms raided, and Hannigan has apparently been hurt. Hannigan would not see us, apparently he has been quiet badly hurt by the leader of the Goblins, some kind of great cold by the stories.

We spend the next day scouting trying to determine where the Goblins came from/went. The force that attacked Farthorp was apparently a splinter group that broke off from the main that continued to head South. While following the main group, we came across some Harpies, they died quickly in a onslaught from us and we continued to were we originally defeated the Ettins, turns out, that is where the Harpies had laired. One was one watch, we surprised it, and Jorl Fireballed into the cave. There was three in the cave, one died from the fireball and I blasted the other two with Magic missiles. We found some fused silver and decided to camp. Jorl seems…….better.

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