Player Session 69

Player Session 69

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We(they) explore all the underground tunnels, and start digging in the middle of the churned up space where the gold coins most evident. We found the remnents of several chests, and about 3000 gold coins. Afterwards we retired for the night to have our useless hirlings allowed us to get ambushed by Bugbears. That was after I used the Owl Figurine I found to scout the land (it didnt find the encrouging bug bears either{Im not paying the owl mind you}) it will be a most useful item I think. We dispatched the bug bears, who almost killed all of our hirlings. Stohagan took a trick out of my book and charmed two of the Bugbears, we used them for inforamtion and to further idg in the treasure hole, we pulled another several thousand gold pieces out of the hole (over 11,000 in total). Which made it not a bad haul over-all. We follow the BugBears back to their lair, we convince them to give us all their treasure in exchange for the Kettle Drums that deafend us all. We tell them that the drums only work once and that they need to rush into the midst of their enemies and play them, it will quiet all their enemies and assure them victory.

We pack-up and leave the next morning. And uneventful day, when we camp I send the owl out again. Soon we plan the attack on the Kobold Castle.


Looks like the stimulus comes early! The party managed to dig up treasure they found from a map they collected previously, good thing l joined up when l did. It wasn’t all campfires and stories though as we were set upon from bugbears, nothing a few matchlock rounds and a spell to inspire the group couldn’t handle though. In the morning l made a delicious loaf of banana bread, everyone but the bugbears didn’t seem to have the same natural reaction of bliss. The party says it needs meat to get their favor, so l tried again the next day with a meat pie. l used some meat from a horse and conjured up a meal that won them all over! I will take note of that: use meat!

I didn’t realize that l was amongst snakeoil salesman who managed to charm several bugbears into grabbing their valuables and selling them kettle pots! My goodness the boys at the orphanage would’ve laughed their guts out at such shenanigan!

After swindling the group of Bugbears we set in pursuit of the castle containing kobolds, we should break though so l can make us all a delicious treat

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