Player Session 70

Player Session 70

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Another great start to a day of combat as l created a wonder breakfast of baked goodness. It brings me back to my days at the baking at my once owned bakery, perhaps l will own another or perhaps several. For now Pyrogynix and her word must spread forward a burn an impression on all!

Our party attacked a goblin fortified castle today, an interesting turn for things but at least l get to use the sacred Matchlock that was bestowed to me. I stood forward defending the spellcasters as they used the furious force known as magic to create illusions that fooled our foes and a wind elemental that destroyed the humanoid forces that opposed us. On the other side of the castle the other mages reeked havoc. I was not witness to the carnage that was inflicted, but the mass of dead and burnt bodies told it’s own tale.

As soon as me and 2 magic users cleared our side we breached the upper central portion of the castle, just then the ugliest hobgoblin l ever did get the witness in the flesh ran towards us, yelling of talks of peace. I obviously know better, as l was set for a shot l took it and The fire mother saw it fit to hit him upon the skull and destroy his state of living. One for Pyrogynix indeed! After some negotiating further, the enemies folded to my party. Another victory in the books! Now the tougher than that battle lies stirred in my head: where is the best place to setup a bakery in this blasted lot of land?!

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