Player Session 71

Player Session 71

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Chesty We have taken tha Castle, hurray. We kill the Hobgoblin leaders, let the Kobolds enslave the Goblins, and start to release the HobGoblins in 10 man incriments every hour, they appear to scatter nicley. The Goblins have a Witch Doctor and a Shaman. I have decided to Charm them Both and bring them with us. We spend a week helping the Kobolds dig out their women and young, splitting up treasure and generally resting up. We then decide to pursue the Large Goblin’s map and try to get that. On our first night we got attacked by a giant scorpion, it was trying to get after the horses. We drove it off and chased it to it’s lair, who knew that scorpions would sit on so much coin? Stohagan sends his Familiar out to scout from the scorpion lair, and finds a ruined structure about a mile from that. We rest and go look for it in the morning. As we are going along Jorl almost stepped is a sink hole that opened up under him. It was about 15-20 ft across and several hundred ft deep, there where cave fish and a deep hole at the bottom filled with water. One of the fish is spossedly “HUGE”, but you know fish stories….. We come to the ruins, it looks like a single tower, fallen long ago, there are some trees gowing up among the rubble. We don’t believe that we are in the right place, and we have decided to blow it off and head South.


When l was young, alone, and could gather thoughts l wondered what it would be like to live in a castle. I no longer ponder for l spent a great deal of time in the one me, and my brave band of adventurers managed to liberate from the dastardly goblins and their equally deplorable cousins the hobgoblins. Chesty did manage to turn several of their higher powered goblins to our side with my divine aid (curing wounds and biscuits will win them over every time!).Once things were stabilized at the castle we set off for more adventure to find more treasure and to spread the name of Pyrogynix!

Along the journey we did stumble a rather large scorpion try to make a meal of our horses like one of my old customers would one of my famous mixed meat, nut, and berry turnovers. Fire spread somehow towards the camp while l dreamt of ways to make the temple bakeries of the Hearth Mother their best, maybe she heard me thinking and thought wise to test my reflexes. Unfortunately my skills in fire control were unable to remedy the situation as it spread to fast and to fiercely before l could react but fortunately Stohagan was able to counter the inferno with an ice wall. We tracked blasted scorpion to his lair where l was able to cover it’s eyes in light, the rest made rather quick work of it’s defenses. At least the beast does have some coin that can be used to spread the holy word.

After a fair bit more of travel we found a sinkhole with a huge fish living at it’s bottom. Water is something l definitely am not fond of so l let the others deal with this issue while l perform maintenance of my beloved and sacred firearm. Afterwards the party spoke of becoming pirates, all l will say of that matter is If we become pirates then l better get some ships to burn!

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