Player Session 72

Player Session 72

See Also: Session 72 According to Chesty:

We camp at night and on my watch, I hear a noise. I send Hammish the dwarf to rouse the others as I investigate. It is Hill Giants! I have been saving a potion for sometime for just this occassion! I pull the potion out, concentrate on the biggest giant and drink it down, foul tasting stuff. The Big guy (never got his name) immediatly is freindly towards me, (not the abosulte dominion I was hoping for). I then cast a Monster Charming spell (they seem to have about the saem effect) as the potion is reputed to not last very long. Then I set out to negotiate a team of giants pulling the wagon, and acting as our personal escorts South. This was followed by some of the most tedious negotations I have ever sat through since the leaving of Gaul. It quickly becomes apparent that my plans have been very short sited and possibly downright childish. The party tried to back me up but it was just a crap idea form the get go, and now we have 7 giants wanting be “freinds” (ie get fed). So we lead them back to the giant hole with the giant fish, and try to convince them to fuck off West. They of course arent abouty that life, and arent even sure about going down after the fish. Fortunatly Canis, Jorl and Dink can go about with the plan for exploration of the water.

I finally convinced two of the giants to jump into the hole, but couldn’t convince the rest, even after the fish killed one of them and the cold eventually got the other after he had bashed the fish to death. The remaining giants started trying to dig down to the waters edge to retrieve their comrad. I waited until they had gotton a bout 25ft down and in concert with Stohagan and Jorl proceded to roast them all. Not my best day. Dink returned with news that the cave went on for seemingly ever and nothing of interest was to be found.

Next Morning, we are traveling along, Canis is in the lead, I have given him the falcon I bought and he has taken it with him to scout. he came back, out of breath and telling how he battled 3 griffons. I sam keen to see these creatures as I have read that they can make fantastical mounts. Of course we’d need someone with Canis’s skill to tame them likely but the idea of an areil mount is titilating. Canis has come back from the encounter looking more poised and sure of himslef. he told us how he hit one with his new staff (he has so many) and it aged to death in front of him. I am again loath that I have missed it, and am curious to see this effect in action.

We travel several more days and at night I get awoken by Dinkgus screaming and the dwarf on his watch waking everyone up. We prepare ourselves, I looking out from the top of my wagon…..when Jorl enlarges himself, and I having the same spell memorized and having never heard of the it being tried, enlarged him again, Stohagan seeing the huge hieght Jorl had now attained (he was perhaps 5 1/2 times his normal hieght) decided that if it worked once……

I believe that temporarily Jorl was the biggest Elf to have ever walked on this plane. He was easily 15 times his origional hieght, and of proportional dimensions (we had no way to measure weight mind you). This was when the ogres made their way into camp, unfourtunatley for them. I cast slow, and several other spells went off, but after realizing that Jorl was in there, and he grabbed one and bite off it’s head, the other’s tried to run, They were unsuccessful.


Of all times l wished l had the bakery operational for we had some hungry guests visit the castle: a group of hill giants! With hearty appetites l fed them. l can recall the exceptional robust noble’s wife or hog farmer visit my place of business but this starving group ate like nothing l have ever seen, Pyrogynix have mercy! The party had the idea to send them to the fish cave to see if they could sate their hunger with some seafood. A few of the more water inclined within the party went down while l stayed with hill giants that weren’t voluntold to go down there (they were pushed). After feeding them on several occasions and preaching unto them about the Fire Mother they would not hear of it so naturally they had to die.

We then headed South were Canis made the form of a bird in flight and took off scouting. While the party waited for a consider amount of time he regaled us of nearly being eaten by gryphons, l wonder what their meat would taste like in a pie?

Guests seem to be the theme of the night because we were set upon, this time by heathen ogres! No worry though as l gave the holy strength necessary for me and my friends to dispatch these unwanted camp guests. Did l mention Jorl grew to the size of a large cathedral and treated one of the ogres like a freshly baked honey roll?!? What adventures will l be witness to next is beyond my guess.

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