Player Session 73

Player Session 73

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Session 73

Canis is leaving to go meditate or something at the kobold castle (he might have a sweetheart there). He says it’s important, so we will wait until he returns. We hear some rumblings waiting the next afternoon (Canis is not yet back), we investigate to find a pride of lions eating a pig. I use my ring to dominate the pride and we use them to help hunt more pigs. Olmnear shot his thunder stick off I was having the lions try to grab other pigs as they ran, but apparently the noise scared them also. Easy come easy go I sposse. Canis returns, looking much more confident then when he left. Upon Canis’s return we break camp and head out, Canis turns into a bird to scout, he comes back not too much later, scratching out a crude scorpion (?) and indicating a direction. We are in pursuit! The last scorpion was laired with a bunch of Gold Coins, we are hoping for a repeat. The scorpion apparently heard us approach, and rushed Jorl who foolishly decided to try to catch my FireBall. He lived, but, still, not the judgment I expect from an Elf. The scorpion dies and we find it’s lair under the rock it was sunning itself on. It was a couple of nights later that we get set upon by Harpies,……again. I hate harpies so much. We dispatch them quickly and through a series weird spell combinations that took clerical, druidic, and arcane to get her to tell us where her lair is. We travel to the lair and while no gold, we do find a Wand of Fire, and a magic spear! So there is that. We continue south, for several days, we are traveling along a large lake. Canis has been scouting ahead, and we’ve been camped on the edge of the lake. Stohagan decides to cast water breathing and go search the bottom of the lake,… this ended with Jorl being swallowed by a giant worm, and almost dying……..again.

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