Player Session 75

Player Session 75

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Made a deal with Llana but l wonder if it was the right thing for l asked of her to help me uncover the mysteries of the matchlock’s powder, hopefully this does come back to blow me away like how l often do at the foes of the Hearth Mother. Anyways off we went to fulfill our end of the deal which was to go explore the wizards Trapzigor’s humble abode, hopefully we’re not in for a Trapzinger (insert rimshot here). On the way to the wizard’s we ran into our old friends the scorpion quick work like always, seriously those boys are lucky to have a fiery priest like myself around! After healing a poor horse damaged by the attack we made camp, and l met a redcap ogre that came into camp and sat right next to me, being the friendly human l am l offered him a tasty morsel which he gobbled up quiet quickly, too bad he doesn’t converse as well as he eats! Oh well maybe those harpies he heard made better conversation partners for him lol. The next morning we ran into a group of Gnomes who took us to their home of Deep Wood which happens to be Dingkus’ hometown, I guess one can really come home. The party Gnome that he is arranged for a nice homecoming, a good place to tell these short folk about the glory of Pyrogynix. I just hope a was able to fan the flames of worship in just a few of them. I guess Dingkus’ is going to learn how to get better at spellcraft seeing as how his teacher showed up in the midst of the party. As for me l need to think of some sort of prayer to kill this nasty taste of Gnomish beer out of my throat!

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