Player Session 76

Player Session 76

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So we have the party to reinstate Dink’s “Honor among gnomes” (can you reinstate something that wasn’t before? We’re we birthing it?). It was a rousing feast of very short people. I remember throwing coppers to fighting gnomes, almost tripping and somehow making my way back to were we were staying (gnome beds weren’t going to cut it).

The next day I was struck by acute headaches caused by being overly brilliant and sexy. I decided to sleep most of the day to make the headaches subside and to protect the gnomes from what was obviously dangerous levels of sexy coming off of me.

We were approached by Dink’s original mentor, he sold us potions and scrolls (seriously took a hit here, he’s likely 15,000gp richer after us leaving and that’s a conservative estimate).

He then told us of some troubles they are having with a mine that was done, new mine, 8 miners killed, 2 made it out, and the disappearance of a gnomish adventuring party “of some fame” (apparently they had rescued a goat or something before this). One of the miners claimed it was a giant rock man that killed everyone. The old man graciously said he’d allow us to keep everything from the cave as long as we brought him the most powerful item in it,……

I stopped short of telling him what we’ll likely do with the most powerful item and what he could do with his “offer”. So we set out.

It took us a day to travel to the region by the “mine”, a morning after to get to it, and the rest of eternity to get back out of the cave.

There was a giant rock man, and he went down, but hard, and then a giant ceiling dropping trap, (having a Druid as a friend has been paying off lately in spades) and in the third room there was what I believe is a Golem, I have only read about them, and this one is made of stone, I wouldn’t let the party fight it, even though it looks like the object of our quest may be beyond it. We are not the first people to get this far and I did not want to underestimate it. The fact that stone man (an elemental?) was still there made me think that it was not permanently killed.

My suspicions proved right when I went into the original cave and the rest of the party allowed the door to close while they were in the Elemental’s room. He reappeared, and they (wisely) came running out.

We will return to town (hamlet) and try again tommorow.


During the ongoing party l managed to get the a few hearts to open to the Hearth mother, and a couple more ears and eyes for the matchlock when l shot it off to show them her might. Oh well, as long as the buggers have them captivated it may lead to more converts in time, only Pyogynix knows for sure, they at least have the map of temples drawn by me personally to guide them. After the festive event we were tasked with a quest to clear out some mines by a fellow named Gamdet over by another Gnomish town called Boram, typical sweep and clear actually quite routine for me and my party of adventurers (Fire Mother keep me safe!). The day after the briefing we approached a tavern at night where a sad Gnomish widow told us her woeful story of how a her now deceased husband and a few other miners were killed and of the party sent after the widow maker of a monster also claimed their lives, this thing will be sealed in the caves by the Gnomes we are their last hope. Me and my party went into the mine and found the cuplrit (perhaps there are more but that not known by myself at the time of writing this.) was an Earth Elemental. Round 1 had us soundly defeating the foe we moved forth and got stuck so we decided to rest and recover back in the town so on the way back we were nearly ambushed by the elemental and we had decided to make a tactical withdraw lest destroy the thing a second time. I shall return to this mine and destroy this elemental with a element much stronger known as fire, mark these words for the Hearth Mother!

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