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Player Session 89

Player Session 89

See Also: Session 89 According to Chesty:

After traveling this far south one would have hoped that we had left Winter’s cold embrace behind. This has not been the case. We are still cold. Why we are here, is still a bit unclear to me, that old elf had no sway over me, but as this is the only thing Jorl has ever asked of us, it is what we are doing. We landed on the shore of “Marsh Island” (who wouldn’t want to go to a marsh,…..In winter…..?)and Canis scouted inland. After a few hours he returned to say he had seen some greatly worn ruins in the wooded thickets inland and would lead the way. This was after a rather unsettling bit were my party who has killed not 1 but 3 dragons was almost laid low by horseflies. Granted the horseflies were the size of actual horses but still… It was embarrassing to say the leaste. Stohagan spotted a cave while we were closing in on the ruins, and we proceeded to it thinking that it might be a place to rest and caves have been very good to us. This happened to be the cave we believe we are looking for, big hint being the ever present wall of fire (ego flame, wall of fire, it seems to fit). It took us a bit to figure it all out, but we have passed the wall of fire and proceeded into the depths. Ebon Flame here we come.

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