Radan Brightflame

Radan Brightflame

Younger brother of a pair of fraternal twins. The party met him at the Golden Horn in Session 43.

He was in the Farthorpe area when the earthquake hit and was followed by the horde of undead. He and his party trailed the undead back to the Temple of Binding. They saw two broken magic circles and the third still held an unpleasant creature they avoided. They explored towards to front entrance and found more riches than they could carry, and came out the front door.

On the way back to Farthorpe, the wizard of his party was killed by the foul tentacled creature, their cleric was injured whom Radan was helping, when his sister, Reyden Brightflame charged the creature and they engaged in battle and both disappeared in a flash of light that knocked down everyone from undead to Radan and his cleric friend. He left his friend in Farthorpe and fled West to avoid the undead who seemed to be headed East.

Radan avoided what conflict he could and managed to cross to Haven after several weeks on foot. He stopped at the Golden Horn and started drinking, and didn’t stop until challenged by Chesty.

Dinkgus managed to see him in his skivvies and he had a birthmark on his right leg like the scales of The Justicemaker.

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