Raven Message from Gaul to Zho Ni

Raven Message from Gaul to Zho Ni

Gaul sent a message by Raven from the High Jarl’s palace in Haven to Zho Ni at the Temple of Binding in Session 44 after finding Radan Brightflame and learning of the destruction of Cliffcrest by The Horde.

Message Follows

Steward, reached Haven after 11 days. High Jarl Ulf sends his regards. All are well. Collecting Funds. Headwound & Dwarf found cure. Following Son west after 14 days. Laborers and cash coming to you. The Champions

The Champions:Code names Zho Ni & Gaul arranged
Zho Ni -Steward
Otiben -Constable
Gaul -Champion
Dinkgus -Dwarf
Jorl -Deadshot
Canis -Faeriefire
Chesty -Headwound
Stohagan -Flotsam
Renalan -Badge
Marc -Cowbell
Kagnar -Hatchetman

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