Repair Quote

Repair Quote

Cost for Construction and Repair

Party to provide on-site protection of the workers.

RECCOMENDATIONS: We recommend sealing off the Troglodyte narrow passage first to prevent them from returning. This should limit the area that needs to be guarded. We suggest leaving the opening into the Troglodyte caves open, in case we need more material.

REQUEST: We’d like to see the rest of this place.

DECORATIVE REPAIRS: Repair artwork & decoration of temple. This will require obtaining the necessary colors, pigments, stones, etc. This will require a specialist. The dwarven stonemasons can get the surface prepared for the rest of the work. They work in carved stone, and can carve decorative features, but are not experts in the applications of pigments, etc. They estimate 6 months to 1 year depending on the number of skilled workers, and the cost could be 50,000 gp or more.

Dwarven Stonemason: Kottar Rockhauler and his son Thaddeus Rockhauler, also a stonemason.

Dwarven Blacksmith: Karl Rockhauler cousin to Kottar.

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