Returning Axes

Returning Axes

The party retrieved ten Returning Axes from the guards at the Temple of The Necromancer. Five went to Kolgar and his men. The party have the other five.

These magical throwing axes can be thrown by the party and will return to the thrower/owner.

The guards at the Temple of The Necromancer had these, which the party liberated and now carry. Regular handaxe whose only magic is returning to the owner. Ownership is determined by gift or the taking.

Here’s the stats on these things so I don’t have to keep track:

Throwing Range and damage same as a handaxe. Can be used in melee like a handaxe.

Magic: Returns to thrower. Also meets criteria for hitting creatures only hit by magic weapons, but provide no bonuses to hit or damage.

Ownership: The original creator and subsequent owners may transfer their ownership by gift (voluntary) or it may be taken by conquest.

Gift means physically handing the axe to the recipient and declaring that it is a gift.

Conquest means defeating the owner. No one can catch another’s axe without magical means. (The party owns their axes by conquest.)

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