Sand Viking

Sand Vikings

The Sand Vikings, see Sand Sailors, are a warrior people who live in the desert of The Broken Lands to the West. They claim to have ships that sail the sands but could not use them to come to the Temple of Binding as the rock that surrounds this area would damage the hull. So they walked here from where they left their ships.

At the end of Session 35 the party went with Kagnar and met up with Kolgar and both their crews and their sand ships. They spent the night, then sent their horses back to the Temple of Binding with Gaul’s men the next day. They then began sailing the sands West towards the lands where tales of The Necromancer are still told.

Kagnar - Kolgar - Soaring Eagle - Sand Splitter - Sand Ship

In Session 42 they learned that the Sand Vikings have seven towns, six form a ring on the edge of their territory with their capital, Haven in the center. Each town is ruled by a Jarl, with a High Jarl in Haven.

The Sand Vikings use ravens to send messages faster than any other method save magic.

The other six towns are:

Sandview - Sandcliff - Fairview - Sandport - Cliffcrest - Sandvale

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