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Sand Witch

Sand Witch

Sand Ship purchased by the party at Sandview while they waiting to travel to Haven in Session 42.

They hired a ship master captain Birger, first mate Sten, and crew of 20.

It has a ballista and can carry 4 camels on deck or 8 Quaals and up to 10 quaals below deck.

The party left it and the Soaring Eagle and Sand Splitter behind in Session 57 & Session 58 when the party was ferried to the mountaintop Temple of The Necromancer. After the party’s battle with the Son of The Necromancer and four of his lieutenants, the party doesn’t know the fate of their ship or the ships of their Sand Viking allies.

There is much party loot along with Grak's Finger and Ssthak the lizardfolk ambassador. Their fate is also unkown.

The Sand Witch was destroyed in Session 59 when it was hit by a fireball and destroyed with all hands.

Much peraonal wealth and undivided loot, both mundane and magical was destroyed.

Grak's Finger is the only one from The Sand Witch unaccounted for.

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