Session 1

Session 1 DM’s Play Notes


Dinkgus rides a boar

Both Ray and Patrick offered to do Session 1 write-up. the more perspective, the better, helps build the world.

Merchant who dealt out pay and offered to pay for reliable information: Gervin Aghamore of the Aghamore And Sons Merchant Company

Asked for guards who escorted to town to stay on as town guards at 1 gp/week. Party declined.

He paid a total of 8 gp for information the party gathered. Status of Baron, Name of wizard Hanagan the Red, some other news.

He asked party to get a list of the names of Hanagan’s books in his library. He also asked for the party to get a list of the items Hanagan is willing to buy. The idea of both is to only bring what he knows will sell, to maximize profits.

Fellow caravan guard, Mark. dimwitted fellow easily parted with his money. Clug & spear.

Fallen Paladin Inn/Tavern - Owner Conleth Vail

Dinkgus decides to pick pocket someone on the way out. It happens to be a city guard (City Watch). I used the Random Drunk table on p. 191 of the DMG to determine who it might be. Dinkgus got his purse and 18 cp 11 sp and 6 gp.

Street Urchins Source of information. All are recent orphans from the undead swarms. Wise to tricks and ask for payment up front.

Baron’s advisors see them after the ruckus with Hanagan the Red. village Priest: wizard:

Hanagan the Red - “undead” “research” “disappeared”

Quinn (Fagan) - thieve’s Guild Rep. told Dinkgus to leave the caravan alone that the guild claimed it. OK for him to freelance other things in town. From nearest town’s guild - North Pollish, which is east of Farthorpe. Baron of Pollish is the Lord who rode to aid the area, hoping to expand his holdings. Lord Lorgan Scorleagh of Pollish.

Tower of Hanagan the Red - Dar Dar Az Ona -Hannigan’s assistant opened the door. Dinkgus cast hypnotism and won initiative and she failed her save. She let them in, but on recovery, won initiative and slept them. Gaul’s magic resistance did not help him.

Hannigan greeted them in a dark and featureless room where they were tied. He spoke to the halfling as the others were spellcasters whom he kept gagged. He charged them to find the source of the undead and laid claim to any magic they find.

They sleep again and wake up with the circle of avoidance around the tower even larger. They check that all their possessions are there, and they are, plus each of them has a parchment in the wizard’s hand Hanagan's Writ.

(Hanagan floated them out of the tower and across the wizard’s road. In an uncharacteristic public display of power.)

The party rightly thinks it best not to go near the merchant Gervin Aghamore to avoid the wizard seeing him in a negative light, plus they won’t get paid if that happens.

A group of 5 city guards wave them over, the head guard is Belchior Torcail - Srg of Guard. He reads Hanagan's Writ and decides he can’t hold them in jail or kick them out of town. They ask to see the baron, who is indisposed due to his injuries, but Belchior agrees to take them to his two advisors, the priest Darragh Blathmac and wizard Cronan Gilmore.

At meeting with cleric & wizard, they ask who belongs to the parchment (Gaul’s), Dink & W. hold up their parchments.

Upon learning the nature of this, and desiring to know more about the source of the undead, they agree to give them each 2 weeks rations and weapons to aid them. they also put them up for the night in the Paladin, pay for breakfast. The next morning they head out. They sign the ledger in the armory and the storehouse for food. the Quartermaster is very OCD.

Thieve’s guild rep. asks them what is in Black tower and about the baron. He likes their info. and gives purse with 100 gp. He is willing to pay for information for source of undead, etc.

They hire some guys to go with them: Rogan Beene & Olan Finnigin - Leather & shield, dagger & shortsword. Rogan 5 HP knocked to -2 in fight with goblins, out for 2 hours. Olan 6 HP

Goblins - two left - tell them their tribe is c. 2 days, the tribe is the Bone Smashers the chief is Grog.

Goblins claim the kobolds and 2-3 days away. their tribe is the Scalp Hunters.

They dragged all the dead away so that the wind will blow the smell away from them. to SE Wind from NW.

Dinkgus peered into the ruins, not seeing a lot, gut sees 3 ropes.

They bed down for the night with 4 watches: 1 - Dink - Encounter 2 - Gaul - NO Encounter 3 - Wenrick - No Encounter 4 - Olan - NO encounter

Why didn’t Mark the dimwitted caravan guard go with them??? Will be funny to have him show up looking for them.

Sun, Jun 11, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

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