Session 10

Session 10

Session 10 DM’s Play Notes

Pre-Session 10 GM Notes:

Play resumes AM of 1st Day of Summer - Summer Solstice.

thunderstroms with 20 mph winds Sunrise 6:07 am, sunset 9:20 pm

2nd day of 1st month of summer a big caravan with Journeyman Blacksmith, Master Blacksmith with apprentices, master armorer with apprentices (packed up his whole shop and has 2 sets platemail - party encounters them before they get to Farthorpe and buy the armor), Journeyman weaponmaker. Also a scribe, architecht, and a journeyman jeweller/gemcutter, and an alchemist. See DMG pp. 29 for armor, p. 30 for blacksmith, and p. 34 for weapon maker’s output.

6 Dwarves that the party encountered walking on the road were 4 stonemasons and 2 blacksmiths.

The two merchants on riding horses, driver, 4 crossbowmen, and 4 mercs with swords dispatch two skeletons, half-orcs pass them by. They are taken out by the bandits/mercs who have given up thievery and decided to answer the call from the Baron of Pollish to deal with encroachment of creatures unsettled by the big quake and aftershocks.

Mercs, former bandits, don’t want to fight magic and just die without a chance, so decide more “honorable” pay in fighting monsters & humanoids.

The Thieves Guild takes a wait and see approach since the Baron of Pollish has sent troops to clear the road. Baron of Pollish has mandated more guards to help protect trade and the tax base. QUINN is out for revenge!

Mark runs around with tale of 2-headed giant on the 14th.

Baron Jeffrey & Lady Evelyn announce their marriage for the last day of the 1st week of Summer. [Rumors that she is pregnant.]

Session 10 Play Notes:

Patrick, Ray, & JD

AM 1st day Summer - T-storms, etc.

Ghaul sells horses to Gervin Aghamore. 25 gp Asks for Plate armor - Ghervin asks for GP up front. Ghervin tells them if he brings plate armor that he expects payment.

Zho Ni gets paid 10 gp from Ghervin for augury for Ghervin’s trip back to Pollish and it is good.

Dinkgus asks the stable boy if he has seen Quinn (anyone with his arm in a sling). - NO

Otiben takes up Conleth’s offer and gathers more stone for the inn (The Fallen Paladin). Otiben says that the baron sent him when the man asked if Conleth sent him. (Name for cranky neighbor - “Old Man Jenkins”} Conleth offers 50 gp for the load. Otiben dumps it rather than stacking it neatly as asked.

Otiben pays for a room 1 gp per night, 2 gp for both rooms.

The party goes to Hanagan the Red’s to introduce Chesty. Chesty tells Dar Dar Az Ona that he is their leader. NOTE: The receiving room is now 20 x 20 with benches and a table.

They tell Hanagin of giants and more undead. (Hanagin asks for brains of ghouls in attempt to make a control potion. Brains, hearts, and Liver for the higher undead.)

Dinkgus sells 10 ogre teeth for 1 gp each.

Hanagin asks after Quinn- asks if the last time they met Quinn if he mentioned Hanagin other than asking questions about him. Hanagin asks about the smoke from last time they were there and learns of the skull and advises Dink it won’t be good for The Organization to find that parchment.

Conleth will charge GP a day for each horse that is stabled. (5 horses x 1 gp x day = 70 gp for two weeks. Conleth asks about their wagons. Guy with ramshackle house to leave 3 wagons 1 gp/week each & nothing else 12 gp if late difference + 50%

Gaul mentions Mark - still out and about. Mark has a tale of 2-headed giant on the 14th.

That evening there is an announcement from an official of the baron that he will be getting married at end of the week.

Zho Ni to to the village Shrine of Farthorpe and meets village priest Decklan Cathmore. Holy Water 50 gp each. Priest gives his opinion about Baron & “friend” Lady Evelyn

2nd of Summerfest - Party Heads east in AM. noon passes Ghervin’s caravan and encounters new caravan with lots of guards headed to Farthorpe. Blake Burn is the caravan master/head merchant - The party tells him the news of the baron’s nuptials, end of the week… Blake Byrne Male - Merchant leading from caravans. Dougal Kerneigh Male - Armorer decided to set up shop in Farthorpe. Brought all his stuff with him. sells two sets of platemail to Gaul and Zho Ni. Assistant - Holob Zho Ni asks about fancy ceremonial plate mail that is functional for conference with the Baron - that will cost more and take 90 days for normal suit. Merchants continue for Farthorpe and the party head East.

Party makes it to Kings Tower and stay in the Stumbling Eagle Tavern. 5 sp per night per horse to stable.

The party must sleep in the common room and set up 3 watches: 1.) Lorcan 2.) Olan 3.) Otiben - Otiben notices someone “suspicious”

It is Aidan Roan, 1st level thief in The Organization Otoben chases and subdues him and turns him over to the guards. Knife has something foul smelling and sticky on it. purse 10 gp 30 sp. Vial type A poison 2-8 rounds to take effect. 10 hp if save 20 hp if fail. Gaul now has the vial.

4th day of Summer they head to Pollish and on the way pass a big group of the baron’s troops going by. (Troops are going to clear the road to Farthorpe)

The guards at West Gate recommend the Stew & Song because it’s close. Party elects to go into mid-town and stay at the Wizards Dog. 1 gp a night to stable horses. 5 gp for a room (holds 4 if squeeze in) - Chesty - Gaul & ?? & Dinkgus - Zho Ni & Otiben

on 5th of Summerfest - Gaul & Zho Ni buy heavy warhorses & accoutrements. p. 53 MMI for stats.

Chesty goes to largest temple and buys 2 healing potions [out of a total of 8, now 6]

Party seeks out a wizard to buy stuff from. Most people say to stay away from wizards, but there is one who will deal with people.

On the way to Keegan’s, Otiben spotted someone that looked familiar whom he couldn’t place [QUINN - who faded into the crowd]

* Keegan Burney Male - Wizard in N. Pollish “who won’t hurt anyone who interrupts him.” * Jenett Florys - Male - one of apprentices to Keegan. 25 y.o. Head Apprentice * Alley Sanlyfe -Male - Younger apprentice to Keegan. 18 y.o. * Durgan Gowan Male - younger apprentice to Keegan. 15 y.o.

Sign on door says, “Keegan Burney, Warlock”

Inside is a shop, can just enter, no need to knock. Head apprentice lets them, inside they see an apparatus that Jorl and Chesty can tell is set up to look impressive to those not in the know. Hisses, whistles, steam, and puffs of smoke.

They buy potions from Jenett - potion of speed for 450 gp, no strength potions and no invisibility potions, those “sold out” recently The Organization.

Chesty buys a scroll with invisibility for 500 gp. Jenett asks for name in case their master is ever questioned by the authorities. He gives his real name, “Chesty Puller.”

Otiben buys a potion for 300 gp

[Left off with discussion of what John might like.]

Sun, July 30, 12:00 PM

Session 11 Event - Session 10 recap:

Having obtained platemail from a caravan just outside Farthorpe, the party decides to press on to North Pollish with their suspicions that the Baron of Pollish is behind the [[bandits?]] and giants. Halfway to Pollish, they reach the village of King’s Gate, at the old kingdom boundary. Otiben catches a glimpse of a suspicious person sneaking in the near dawn hours and chases him into the alley and subdues him. He is turned over to the watch and they find his dagger is coated with poison, of which Otiben keeps the vial, and gives it to Gaul.

The next day they reach North Pollish thanks to the ancient wizard’s road and light horses. They find a place to bunk and the next day some buy war horses and the party tries to buy potions and scrolls from a warlock, obtaining some that they hope to help them. They grow every suspicious of “The Management”, and will be concluding their time with the Warlock when we begin.?

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