Session 11

Session 11

Session 11 DM’s Play Notes

Sun, August 6, 12:00 PM

Not enough players, pushed off to Sun, August 13, 12:00 PM

Party buys Dancing Lights, Detect Magic, and Unseen Servant from the warlock.

Warlock has Growth potion (Enlarge spell), and Speed potion (haste). 2 Growth and party buys both, 3 Speed and party buys all.

Growth - 300 gp Speed - 450 gp

Healing Elixir - 400 gp - 1d8 hp, 2d6 turns, fall exhausted for 1d6 turns.

Head Apprentice will ask Warlock if he can sell this. Party sets no time frame and leaves no deposit. Chesty has asked if he can have fly

Jorl is asking if he can have web.

Illusionist is rumored to be found at leather worker’s shop near Cobblers Warrior tavern. They did not pursue this.

BOTH Dinkgus and Otiben notice a young man signalling that he has a message for Dinkgus. The message is that the merc’s decided to go legit since the baron of Pollish was sending a force to keep the roads clear. They exceeded their part of the plan and got too rough, when they should have only taken the money. Quinn took it personal and he “quit” The Organization to seek revenge vs. the party since they shot him and cut into his share of profits.

Chesty charmed him and they found out that he is part of a cell and doesn’t know who the cell leader reports to. They did not ask his name (Cullin Bradigan) but found out that his cell leader is Kerry (last name Kavanaugh). Cullin did get Chesty’s name, Chesty, but not last name. Will get a save on charm on 19th of month. They learn that Fingers is the head of the guild and no one knows for sure if a he or she or exactly who they might be.

Chesty said that he wanted to meet Kerry, as she was described as attractive. Kerry arranged for Verona to meet them, but they left before the mentioned time of dinner time.

Party meets Canis who was listening in and Canis joins them.

Dinkgus buys a map at Ubaldo's Map Sellers, proprietor Padri Ubaldo. He is sold out of maps that lead to known ruins in the area. He did indicate on the map where he recalled known ruins. 500 gp for the map.

Party makes it to Kings Tower without any difficulty.

Party encounters a group of guards and workmen laying out a new caravansary ( halfway between king’s tower and Farthorpe. Thus a single days’ travel by wagon to each waypoint, meaning no need for overnights on the road. The “Merchant Consortium” has come together to fund it.

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