Session 15

Session 15

Session 15 DM’s Play Notes

Sun, Sep 3, 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

After chasing down a fleeing troglodyte, Otiben returns to the party, who are counting the pile of loot left by the troglodytes.

Gaul and Otiben look at the large pool in the western cave. Otiben gets in and is nearly killed by a giant fish with huge teeth.

Jorl collapses from the effects of the Healing Elixir.

The party decides to head to the healing fountain.

They are met by goblins. An archer drops Dingkus as he drops 3 of them.

Canis casts fairy fire on 2 and Chesty blinds the one the party perceived as their leader with continual light.

The goblins then fled. Jorl went after the blinded one who was stumbling away against the wall.

The other goblins took up position behind the great doors of the southern hallway. Opened just a crack so their archer tried a couple shots at Jorl, narrowly missing once.

Jorl calls out for assistance as he subdues the blinded goblin.

Zho Ni rushes the door, while Gaul covers him.

The party limps over to the healing fountain.

Canis dumps the unconscious Otiben in the healing fountain, healing him of his wounds, but he feels unwell. All others who seek healing are partially healed, but vomit and fall unconscious for a few hours.

Gaul elects to pursue the goblins, and manages to slay all but one that ran. Seriously hurt, he heals himself and returns to the party.

Gaul recruits Zho Ni to go check on their men, as the goblins he slew said their hirelings fled with the horses. Gaul and Zho Ni reach the huge chamber with the hole from above. The noonday light streaming straight down, with no sign of the dangling ropes.

Gaul and Zho Ni advance and manage to kill two goblins laying in wait behind two of the giant pillars.

The Goblins from above fire at them as they get out of the line of bowshot.

The goblins taunt Gaul to fly up like a little bird if he wants to make good on his boasts to slay them all.

Gaul and Zho Ni return to the party with the news that their known exit is unavailable to them.

They elect to rest and re-learn spells. Those rendered unconscious from the fountain wake feeling much better, but still “off.”

Zho Ni casts purify water on the fountain, and the signs of pollution caused by Otiben’s body are erased. Gaul drinks and is quickly healed of all his wounds.

The others, with the exception of Canis and Dinkgus drink and feel better and those needing healing are healed. Canis swears off water for good.

While discussing their options after resting and learning spells, they are approached by two skeletons, who Gaul turns. The skeletons then lose interest in the party.

The party searches and finds healing potions, and holy water in two rooms before taking the passage to the north. They reach an octagonal room and look into the doors on the west and see a room with a raised area like a dais with an altar on it.

Gaul senses a hidden room, where they find thousands of coins, 30 gems, and 5 golden holy symbols.

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