Session 18

Session 18

Session 18 DM’s Play Notes

Sun, Oct 1, 2017 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

As they find the hidden entrance to the ruins, the party meets up with a group of men from the Sand Sailing people (Sand Vikings) to the west. They have tales and ruins with the balance symbols. They were seeking the source of the undead scourge on their villages. They reach an agreement to help the party.

Soon they pass two skeletons who meld into the walls when Zho Ni approaches. They can find no hidden or secret doors.

They show them the huge caches of silver and copper and the new arrivals each haul out a large sack of coins.

They show them the healing fountain which exists in the tales of these people.

Before going to the giant room, they go to the caverns where they fought the lizard people, but find giant centipedes that were feeding on the remains of the lizard folk (Troglodytes). They easily dispatch the centipedes. They find the piles of silver and copper coins untouched. The find the narrow opening where Otiben slew one of the lizard folk, but the body is no longer there. Otiben travels a long way along the tunnel, not finding any other openings. Some of the coins are moved to the spoiled fountain room.

They find that they make it past the Guardian Statues to the first door they tried, and they find a group of skeletons that fade into the walls. Within the chamber are the bodies of Wenrick and the two dwarf companions. There are vestments for a priest and assistants. They learn that the gold scales are the Symbol of Truth.

They try the one visible platinum door. It likewise has skeletons that fade into the walls. This is the Symbol of Virtue. There is an altar with a holy book and an incense censor. Next to it is a fancy wooden font with a platinum font full of holy water. The party leaves it in place for now.

Working back to the northern passage they find a barracks with 8 beds, and a rack of 8 very nice suits of platemail and maces with the platinum scales. (The party suggests since it is fancier than Zho Ni’s armor, that he would switch out.)

To the south they find a portcullis that has been knocked outwards. Exploring further, they find a very long chamber with niches on each side that contain the remains of the long dead, with thicker dust and slight changes in style the further back they go. At the very back is an opening that had knocked down the burials on the NE wall.

On the other side is a natural chamber that appears to be a cavern, that connects to another construction that is of a different style of stone work. Within, Jorl sees undead and fires an arrow to draw them towards him. First zombies reach the opening and are unable to enter the tomb area, and are easy prey to the party. Many are felled, and skeletons step up. the cavern appears to continue to fill with undead.

They decide that staying where the undead cannot approach where only one is available at a time is the best way to proceed.

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