Session 2

Session 2 DM’s Play Notes

Ogre wanders into camp, gnawing on leg of a goblin or kobold with his bag full of what’s left of the ones he didn’t eat.

Dingkus shoots him with an arrow when he goes to look over the goblin prisoners. He turns to fight, dropping one hireling, and wounding Gaul, but Gaul drops him.

They drag off the ogre and his “food” to keep other predators away. They find some gold in his bag.

They go down southern hallway seeing the rotting corpses with hand outstretched to the sealed doors. There is a magic mouth speaking in a language they don’t understand. Dink says, “Speak English”, and it tells them that none but the “one prophesied may enter….”.

Full quote of magic mouth here: “Only the one who is worthy may enter. The one prophesied at the binding is the one who can renew the binding.

They hear weeping and the plaintive voice of a beautiful young woman, trapped in a magic circle. Dinkgus tosses her a rope and when it breaks the bounds of the ring, it transforms into a hideous demon with an enormous nose. It says, “So long, suckers!” and disappears in a sulpherous mist.

Dink examines a door and as he goes to touch it, the four statues near the door look at him. He tries to open the door and all four statues come at him. Gaul and Wenrick step in to help, and they too are attacked. Wenrick drops his, and Gaul tries to defeat his, but is dropped, as is Dinkgus. When their opponents are dropped, the remaining three return to their pedestals. The damaged one tries to crawl back to its pedestal, but the party removes it from the temple.

They attack one and it breaks off a finger and puts it on the empty pedestal.

They grab the finger, seeing the beginnings of the nub of a new finger, and remove it from the temple. . They manage to break the empty pedestal.

The session stopped here.

Wed, Jun 14, 8:00 PM EDT - Thu, Jun 15, 12:00 AM EDT

The party has found what they assume to be the reported ruins, encountering two groups of goblins & kobolds arguing and posturing and preparing for blows, when the party strikes. Having overcome their opponents, with one hireling knocked unconscious, they set watches for the night. Will the night pass uneventfully? Is this opening in the strange pavement landscape with ruins below, the true source of the undead? What mysteries await??

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