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Session 21

Session 21

Session 21 DM’s Play Notes

Sun, Oct 22, 2017 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

After taking care of the last of the guards, the party has taken control of this mountaintop “temple.” Temple of The Necromancer

A spell caster on a flying carpet with 4 archers came to deal with the party, but the party managed to deflect the carpet long enough to explore the barracks and cut the rope for the lift platform. They also gained knowledge that there is a large camp about 500 feet below the “temple”, and another fort/encampment off to the northeast.

The spell caster returned pausing and casting some spells before landing the carpet at the top of the landing. One of the spells was mirror image. He used an amulet that started the animation process for all of the undead on the western platform. He was about to cast a spell, when it was interrupted, as all of the mirror images had been dealt with.

He was getting hurt. He fled, and several who joined the carpet were thrown free, including his 3 archers. One of Kagnar’s men clung to the carpet, attempting to deal with the spell caster.

The spell caster flew off the carpet and rolled it up. Kagnar’s man tried to hang on, but it was no use, he plummeted to his death.

Gaul turned 6 of the newly formed undead guards, and they were enthusiastically loyal to him.

Zho Ni turned 9, leaving only 2 of Ghaul’s new “friends” behind. Those that fled had nowhere to go but over the side of the “temple”, plummeting below.

How else might they get here with out the portal?

Dare they wait until nightfall to return to make note of the placement of the stars?

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