Session 22

Session 22

Session 22 DM’s Play Notes

Sun, October 29, 2017 12:00 PM

NOTE- We didn’t have enough players for Nov. 12th. We’re skipping a week, since I will be at UCon in Ann Arbor, MI on the 19th.

The party used a door from the barracks of the Temple of The Necromancer and some wood from beds to cover the portal on the tomb side of the portal. When Zho Ni placed a platinum holy symbol on it, the door appeared to singe. Once it was also touched by a gold holy symbol, the door and other wood fell to ashes and the portal was closed. Only a solid wall remained.

Otiben filled the hole between the tomb and cavern with rubble from the tomb and cavern.

The symbol of the skull on the tabards of the prisoners was gone as they passed into the Tomb of Binding.

Zho Ni had the amulets the guard captains were wearing in a bag, and the bag was pulled from his belts as he stepped through the hole in the wall of the Temple of Binding. The bag and amulets flashed and fell to ash, and were gone.

The party stopped off at the healing pool to heal their wounds.

They discussed future options, and Kagnar and the 4 remaining men who he took into the tomb with them will join the party in returning to Farthorpe, but demanded their share of treasure - 5 of the 10 Returning Axes.

They left after dark, hoping to make Farthorpe by daybreak. Soon they heard the sounds of someone in battle with a beast. They came upon a gnome fighting a troll, and he was soon felled. The party rushed in, saving the gnome and defeating the troll.

As they came upon the Followers of the Way, still encamped at the shrine of the paladin, it was evident there was trouble. They are still offered the hospitality of a meal and a place in a tent. They are told of a tornado yesterday morning.

As they came upon Farthorpe, they could see the damage to the wooden palisade, and more damage to the earthquake ravaged town within. Zho Ni’s grand announcement to the guards at the gate really had them confused, but they allowed the party to enter.

They see damage to the tavern, and the baron’s “manor.” They find Chesty not himself. Part of the tavern’s collapsing structure hit him in the head. The only way to help him is to go to one of the great temples in the east, according to what Conleth Vail said the village priest told him. Conleth wants to protect his best “friend” from the party’s desire to lead him into danger to the west.

While the party is arguing with Conleth, and Conleth calls the town watch to deal with it, Otiben and Dinkgus climb out the window before the guards arrive. They go to the tower of Hanagan the Red. The tornado has interrupted his work, so he is available to meet with them. Hanagan finds it humorous the predicament the party is in with Chesty and his new “friend.” He is also interested in their prisoners and new allies.

The sergeant of the guard is having none of Zho Ni’s airs and escorts him to the baron’s audience hall. Otiben and Dinkgus arrive in time to join in going before the baron.

The baron looks well, also in the room with the wizard and cleric advisers to the baron. Zho Ni asks for the guards to leave to mention the trouble with the followers of The Necromancer.

Kagnar and his men and the prisoners are sent for. An audience is also asked of Hanagan the Red.

Hanagan arrives before the others.

Kagnar says that the tales of The Necromancer are now no mere child’s tale, it is real. The captured guard captain is no help. Hanagan charms the guard captain, and the party learns that the chosen one is an office passed down from man to woman to man, etc. over the ages. The title is either Son of The Necromancer or Daughter of The Necromancer. Only some quality of the chosen allows them to bear the title and accouterments of the office. They learn that the chosen can raise the dead on their own, and can also use an amulet, their sign of office, to raise the dead.

It took a month of longer to open the portal to the Tomb of The Necromancer. Now that they know where it is, they may just march an army “that fills the horizon” to get to him. The settlement viewed to the NE of the mountain temple is very old and the chosen is digging for The Key. However, the holy symbols sealing the sarcophagus means that it will now take more than The Key to release The Necromancer.

Here we left off with the audience before the baron.

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