Session 23

Session 23

Session 23 DM’s Play Notes

Sun, Nov 26, 2017 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

The party reaches agreement with the Baron to hold their wealth, and use it for the benefit of Farthorpe, and eventually the restoration of the Temple of Binding.

Chesty leaves a note that he is heading east to resolve his memory loss, and has disappeared. Conleth Vail does not handle this well, and kicks out the party, denying them respite in his establishment.

The party meets with Hanagan the Red and only one strength potion and one potion of hill giant control are available. Hanagan encourages the party to ensure his safety, as he is the only one that can open the receptacle of their recovered wealth.

The party, joined by Kagnar and his 4 men join in the quest to remove the giants from their lair.

The party is successful, with no deaths. One of Kagnar’s men is knocked down, and Jor received a stiff blow from the last giant, but they were victorious!

They have found more gold, some gems, jewelry, a potion, a magic morning star, and a map in a scroll case. Treasure Map From Hill Giant Lair

They harvest the heads and hearts of the giants hoping for more potions for the future. They have built a travois to haul their loot back to town.

Bedding down for the night in the giant lair, they eat of the slain giant lizards. It is gamey and stringy, but has no apparent ill effects.

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