Session 24

Session 24

Session 24 DM’s Play Notes

Dec 3, 2017 12:00 PM - 4:00 PM

After resting at the cave of the defeated hill giants and their pet giant lizards, they review the map they have and puzzle over it. Treasure Map From Hill Giant Lair

Upon returning to town, they find an abandoned hovel, that is very unsteady from all the earthquakes. Canis used stone shape to help strengthen it.

They meet with Hanagan the Red and tell some of what they have found and trade hill giant parts for the spell comprehend languages, which Jorl cannot quite learn. They also get two scrolls of comprehend languages, and will get a potion of hill giant strength and hill giant control, to be ready in two weeks.

They head towards the Temple of Binding with the dwarven blacksmith and his cousin and nephew who are stonemasons. Along the way, Jorl reads the scroll and they puzzle over who this ancient wizard was and where his tomb might be.

They show the dwarves the areas to be repaired, and await the dwarves to estimate how long it might take and cost to implement it.

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