Session 26

Session 26

DATE: Sunday, April 19, 2020 Noon - 5:15 PM (We didn’t have all players until 12:30 PM.

Campaign Date: 9th & 10th of Harvestmoon.

The members of the original party came to Farthorpe to deal with their many tasks, goals, and interests.

They overnighted in a different hovel they fixed up as the last hovel they fixed up was now occupied.

The next day, the 10th of Harvestmoon, the party went looking for Mark to follow up on his tales of a two-headed giant. They found Mark at the tavern where he was telling the tales of his encounters with the two-headed giant. The people new to town listened and those that know Mark laughed and mocked him.

In addition to Mark, the party discovers that their companion Chesty is back in town and his old self. Conleth is waiting on him hand and foot, pleased to have his oldest and dearest friend returned to him safe and sound. Conleth is so happy and focused on serving mounds of food and drink to Chesty, that he doesn’t notice Dinkgus and others of the party enter. Gaul Stonedog waits outside with the horses.

Dinkgus is disappointed that coin purses seem more wisely placed than before. He sees Chesty and sits down along with Jorl Benthral, Zho Ni Apolsede, & Canis Mallory.

Jorl directs Mark towards Chesty’s table where he is questioned. Tolben and Thyle had listened to Mark’s story and followed when Jorl pulled Mark over to Chesty’s table. Tolben and Thyle agree to help go hunt two -headed giants. Mark is excited because the local heroes believe him.

Before they go chasing two-headed giants, they go to Hanagan the Red’s to get their questions answered and to pick up the potions of hill giant strength and hill giant control that were to be ready today. When there, they meet Corbin Darrow and his body guard Tapor Udin. He tells them more about the treasure map and they learn they can more easily access it during the 2nd month of winter, Frostwind.

The party asks questions about other matters and gets input from Hanagan and this college boy from Drahn city. They ask about The Key of which neither Corbin nor Hanagan know. Hanagan has agreed to get word to someone he trusts to learn more about this key.

They get their potions from Hanagan, and some of them buy Healing Elixirs from the alchemist who has set up shop in Farthorpe and then have Mark leads them to where he saw the two-headed giant.

They find a dozen kobolds strung up to dry between two trees. The area is scouted and they don’t want to find all of them assuming that there is more than one.

A trap is set and Dinkgus found a mole who agreed to warm them of the approach of big footsteps. They are then ready to spring their trap which works.

Arrows fly and few reach their mark. Canis casts entangle which combined with the spike pit and falling tree keeps the gÅ—eature from coming after them.

The entangle prevents Gaul from charging in. Chesty casts continual light at the eyes of one head and misses. Arrows continue to miss their mark.

The giant took a swing at Dinkgus and nipped him. Dinkgus tried to cast invisibility on him self but was hit again, spoiling that spell.

More arrows and darts. The giant throws a rock that knocks down Rogan.

Gaul decides to charge in and gets his horse entangled and attempts to leap and strike. He misses his strike and is entangled when he lands. The giant tries to hit him and misses. Gaul gets in a solid shot. More missiles fly, few find their mark.

Chesty sees the writing on the wall and gets his horses hooked up to the wagon so that they can leave.

The giant manages two resounding blows against Gaul who misses in reply.

Canis casts insect swarm that prevents the giant from swinging at Gaul.

More blows and missiles against the giant, the insect swarm strikes the killing blow.

Th party now hears the answering roars of what sound like more than two throats, and feat that more giants are coming. The entangle expires so they are able to patch up Gaul and load the giant’s boy on the wagon. They also take the line of drying kobolds.

The giant has an enormous sack and they find:

2,000 cp; 37 sp; 42 gp which is worth a total of (53 gp 17 sp). Divided by 8 = 6.6 gp & 2.125 sp each.

Experience Points:

3070 xp / 8 = 384 + 5 xp for coins = 389 XP each.

Spellcasters get 100 XP per spell that is successfully cast that benefits the information gathering and success of the session. Only spells successfully cast count. Interrupted spells do not count.

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