Session 27

Session 27

DATE: Sunday, April 26, 2020 Noon - 4:30 PM (We didn’t have all players until almost 12:30 PM.)

Campaign Date: 11th & 12th of Harvestmoon.

The party is let into town about 4:30 AM and pull up the wagon at the Fallen Paladin and get breakfast and rest until about 11:00 AM so all can rest and relearn spells and heal up some.

They try to visit the baron (Baron Jeffrey) as Corbin hopes to meet the baron with news from the capital Drahn. The baron was busy, and they were only able to meet with the wizard/advisor Cronan Gilmore. Cronan said he will pass along word to the baron, that Corbin has offered to share the news/gossip from Drahn.

The party asked about busniesses and a taxidermist, with the intent to mount the ettin. The logs of the last two weeks were not with the papers Cronan has, he suspected that Darragh must have them. He suggested they go visit the various merchants as things were in a constant state of flux with new people showing up all the time.

Cronan rejected the idea that he request that the baron affix his seal to a letter to send East requesting taxidermists. He firmly stated that the party could easily send word via one of the caravans heading East for more supplies.

Gaul and others convinced Cronan that giving them a one month exemption from taxes would be a good thing, if the baron wasn’t paying them a bounty for two headed giants. This starts with the 11th of Harvestmoon and expires the 11th of Summerend.

The party also asked about getting more arrows and armor for their new members. Cronan replied that adventurers able to deal with a two-headed giant without the baron’s help surely don’t need it now. they are putting to good use the equipment he has already allowed them.

Next, they take the Ettin to Hanagan the Red and Hanagan offers them their choice of a potion of Ettin Control he is not sure will work, or Ettin Strength. They will be ready in two weeks, the 25th of Harvestmoon. Gaul is curious about the sword he has from the guard captain of the Temple of The Necromancer.

Canis plans to develop a greenhouse to sell herbs & plants of a helpful sort to Hanagan and others and to help the party. He is on the lookout for medicinal plants, etc. in the party’s travels & adventures.

The party then goes looking for the Ettins and find three cows on the way to use as bait.

Tolben is able to speak with the cows and tells them he is taking them home. Tolben leads the cows along the ettin’s trail and the other party members flank either side of the trail. The cows are encouraged to moo and they all make noise and attract a mated pair of Ettins. The female sends the male after the cows and the ambush is sprung.

Spells to blind with light or shrink the male fail, but the insect swarm and phantasmal force on the female have devastating effect. Thyle is enlarged and he and Gaul charge in doing great damage. A few missiles hit. Gaul, Thyle, and Tolben all get in good hits on the male and he flees and it struck down.

Following the ettin path, they find their lair and investigate and meet the final? Ettin a female and she knocks Corben down and hit Gaul soundly. But she too is quickly felled.

They loot her sack of coins and find their real loot, a bit of gold, 6 gems, and a necklace, buried under a rock.

They rest up there overnight and heal up a bit the next day before taking the least damaged female ettin body and the heads and hearts of the others. On the way back to Farthorpe they encounter….

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