Session 28

Session 28

DATE: Sunday, May 3, 2020 12:30 - 4:00 PM (Late start due to DM having to be late.)

Campaign Date: 12 - 15 Harvestmoon

The morning after the party defeats the Ettins and overnights in the Ettin cave. Canis uses stone shape to block the lower portion of the cave.

They pack up the least damaged Ettin body and the heads and hearts of the others and head back to Farthorpe.

Once they exit the hills and enter Farthorpe Valley they are greeted by a patrol of Baron Jeffrey’s men, led by Captain Flynn Cronmor. He wears very nice platemail and rides a heavy warhorse nicer than Gaul’s. Some in the party are suspicious that they haven’t met him or heard his name until now.

They are nearly at Farthorpe when they come upon a farmer with a load of turnips being taken to Farthorpe. The party eyes the farmer and his wagon of turnips suspiciously.

Once in town, they stop at Hanagan’s and sell the Ettin and Ettin parts for gems that some trade for scrolls or potions. Gaul is not happy with this change what he sees as the agreement and storms out flinging insults. Hanagan appeared to be ready to teach Gaul a lesson, if needed. Prior to that transaction, Gaul asked about Flynn Cronmor, and Hanagan vouches for him. Gaul then asks about the baron, and Hanagan points out that he is after all a newlywed, one shouldn’t be too concerned.

The party stocks up on some things and rests before heading out in the morning to the Temple of Binding. Chesty orders two silver ladles with gilding that will be ready in one week. (19th of Harvestmoon). Dinkgus goes out at night looking for any activity. He hides in shadows and sees nothing out of the ordinary.

On the way, they briefly pause and ask questions of the Followers of the Way at the cairn of the Fallen Paladin. The Followers of the way say they have had no serious trouble to challenge them and mention that as an order sworn to protect travelers and pilgrims, they are quite capable of dealing with most threats.

The party continues on the day long ride to the Temple of Binding. When they arrive, they see the horses and the dwarven blacksmith working on something at a fully set up forge.

Inside, in the receiving area, they find Zho Ni reading one of the holy books they found on an altar to one side of the main temple. Zho Ni shares that he can now read it.

Corbin Darrow is agape as the intricacies of the designs and symbols, runes, and writing all over the temple to this point is a lifetime of study for one such as he. Further, he practically salivates upon seeing the tome Zho Ni is ready. He asks to take a look, that Zho Ni permits providing his bookmark is not distrubed. Corbin can also read this and shares that is is written in ancient common, AKA Drahnish, the language of the ancient Drahn Empire that was replaced by the Dulmar Empire and the Kingdom of Drahn is now the regional power.

Zho Ni shares that some of the worker issue has been solved as with the amulet he wears and as the high priest of the temple that he can command the undead within it’s walls. He gives a demonstration with all the skulls peering from the walls, floor, and ceiling to assuage Corbin’s concern about the safety of the book and the temple. The undead have been tasked with filling up the narrow fissure between the caves where they first encountered the Troglodytes and the deeper cavern they must have come from.

The party asks Zho Ni about The Necromancer and the Son of The Necromancer and Zho Ni tells them that The Necromancer is beyond the reach of his followers and unless the Son of The Necromancer and his followers actually come here, would they have any chance at all of freeing their master. This seems to satisfy the party that they have time to focus on threats closer to Farthorpe and the temple.

It is late and Zho Ni gives the new comers a bit of a tour of part of the temple and the room with the functional healing fountain. Those that need healing partake and are healed. Zho Ni is protective and enforces keeping the waters clean.

Zho Ni provides them a place to sleep and Gaul and ??? elect to sleep outside. While on watch, Gaul detects the faint stench of Troglodytes coming from the SE. Gaul gets the others and they manage to surprise a group of a dozen Troglodytes. One is charmed some are slain, many are slept, and of the few who flee, one gets out of bowshot but has continual light on the back of his head.

Being a wide expanse of flat terrain in the black of night, the troglodyte can’t hide. It zigzagged all over like it was trying to get out of the light. It headed Northeast for a while then East. The party kept the glow in site and plan to track it back to it’s lair.

We left off in the wee hours of the pre-dawn twighlight with the faint light of the rising sun revealing the hills south of Farthorpe Valley. 15th Harvestmoon

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