Session 29

Session 29

DATE: Sunday, May 10, 2020 12:30 - 3:30 PM

Campaign Date: 15th of Harvestmoon

The party sends Corbin and Tapor for the horses along with the charmed troglodyte. They wake Tolben and Thyle. Corben and Thyle saddle the horses and go off to find the party. Coben and Tapor stay with the troglodyte to try and communicate with him, since the troglodyte can’t ride.

Tolben and Thyle see the glow of the continual light and soon find the party about the time the glow of the continual light on the troglodyte seems to flicker and get smaller.

Tolben sneaks up and peers in and due to the low space of an entrance under a rock outcropping, he can’t get a good look. He sees movement like something is blocking the light periodically. He reports back to the party.

While the party is making plans, the light goes out.

Gaul leads the way trying to cause surprise. He peers in and see the faint sign of fading heat from what must be the blood and bits of the skeleton giving heat to something that is moving within. He tosses a rock to get whatever it is attention. It comes out and it is 4 man sized scorpions. Gaul and Thyle, who has been enlarged by Chesty, pull back to draw them out to that the rest of the party on therock over the opening can fire at them.

Gaul and Thyle miss as does Corben with a returning axe. The others manage to injure one scorpion with missile fire. Chesty shrinks one of the scorpions facing Thyle.

Both Thyle and Gaul are pinched by the scorpions, and one of them stings Gaul. While is stings with a burning sensation, the venom does not otherwise affect Gaul.

Jorl casts web and immobilizes the scorpions so that the party can dispatch them without further risk of injury.

They use Chesty’s coin with continual light and see a mass of about 20 centipedes writing over something. Gaul and Corben shot arrows or throw a returning axe at them. Finally, the centipedes go after them. They pull back so all can help defeat 19 centipedes. Both Jorl and Canis are bit by the centipedes and their venom makes them feel slow and weak.

They search the lair and find no treasure or secret doors.

Part of the party stays and guards the remains of the scorpions while Chesty and others go to the temple to get healed and get the wagon to gather up the parts.

Chesty and party make it to the temple, heal and rest up and head back. Neither party has any random encounters. They load up scorpion parts and 9 centipede eggs. On the way back to the temple, they see what looks like the grounds rippling. Corben talks to Gaul’s hawk and it agrees to go look. It is many two legs with a bad smell and sharp teeth to the Southwest.

The party goes to investigate and sees a large body of about 200 troglodytes with some of the biggest troglodytes they have ever seen along with women and young and what appears to be sacks and pallets of something, like a baggage train.

They decide to get the attention of the troglodytes to see what they’ll do. They send about 50 to stay between the party and the rest of the troglodytes. The party decides they want to try to take them out and maybe get their loot.

We left off in the early afternoon of the 15th of Harvestmoon waiting for a fight.

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