Session 3

Session 3

Session 3 DM’s Play Notes


Gaul tries to move the weapon of one out of the way, but it parries with its shield. They use ropes to drag one at a time off their pedestals.

While they are dealing with Guardian Statues, they attract goblins, who are sneaking very noisily. The goblins want to take care of them, so they can get out and get away from whatever is following them.

A great shot by Wenrick drops the leader and they flee, worried about whatever is following them, and seal the huge doors on either side of a 60’ section of hallway to the north, 60’ from the north door of the temple.

By this time Dingkus wakes up and assists them. Using horse and ponies and two hirelings above, they raise statues from pedestals and either smash them with blows or drop from a height. Then removing pieces of statues so that they don’t re-form.

They then open a door and hear magic mouth say that none shall enter without the Symbol of Virture.

They see a room full of skeletons with spears that point their spears at them, blocking their entry. They see rich vestments and what appear to be two guardian statues in alcoves.

They rest and get healing, and two hobgoblins show up, and are defeated and looted. Bodies drug off.

They decide to head back to town with their meager loot and tell Hanagan what they found, hoping to get out from under his thumb.

At the strange cairn, they find pilgrims, clerics and followers of “The Pilgrim Order” called Followers of the Way tending to the memorial to the fallen paladin.

They get to the tavern, The Fallen Paladin, just as the last customers are kicked out. They buy two nights on the floor with a couple silver left over, with amount for second night to be applied to a room.

Sun, June 18, 12:00 PM EDT Hangouts

The party has found an ancient underground structure. After releasing a demon from it’s prison, they battle guardian statues. We left off with an unconscious gnome, formerly unconscious half-elf, and halfling. The half elf and halfling think they have figured out how to overcome the guardian statues and get past the first of 3 doors.

Will they succeed??

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