Session 30

Session 30

DATE: Sunday, May 17, 2020 12:00 - 4:00 PM

The party moves in and flanks the troglodytes, and through a combination of luck, magic, and combat, they manage to go after the chests the roglodytes were carrying and separate them from the other troglodytes, and the troglodytes withdrew.

Tolben was hit a few times, and Tolben, Jorl, and Canis were all weakened by the stench of the troglodytes.

In then end a dozen troglodytes were killed and a chest of copper coins and silver coins were taken.

The party then went back to the Temple of Binding where Zho Ni reported no trouble. Tolben drank from the fountain and was healed. They then took their chances and headed back to Farthorpe and other than ignoring a challenge from the camp at the cairn to the Fallen Paladin, did not encounter any issues.

They got back to town about 3:00 AM or so on the 16th of Harvestmoon. They slept 6 hours, then went to Hanagan’s and sold the remains of the four giant scorpions and the 9 centipede eggs.

Dinkgus tried his hand at pickpocketing someone in the tavern while he was invisible, and had success, but a small haul. Still invisible, he went to the area of the Merchant Caravans and drank the potion of treasure finding he had. He soon found one merchant’s locked chest in the back of a wagon under some furs & blankets. Failing to pick the lock, he managed to force it open. He found large bags of gold that he could not lift and a small back of gems. He took the gems and hid his work, and made his getaway unobserved.

Chesty bought some vellum and writing tools and worked on one of his side projects.

We left off about 11:00 AM the morning of the 16th of Harvestmoon.

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