Session 31

Session 31

DATE: Sunday, May 24, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM

It is about 11:00 AM the morning of the 16th of Harvestmoon.

The party is seeking the goblins to take them out before going west with the Sand Vikings.

Encountered 15 orcs on way to goblins. Took their chest of 1,000 gp and it is worth 100 xp and captured one orc, Grog. 401 XP for killing/besting orcs. Total 1,501 XP so 200 GP and 300 XP each for Jorl, Gaul, Dinkgus, Canis, & Chesty. Then back to Farthorpe, where Jorl reaches level 4 fighter. to Investigate “the Druid”. Canis reaches level 5 druid.

Chesty charmed the orc Grignak of the Bloody Fist orc tribe. He tells the party that his tribe is 2 days normal walking, 3 with a burden of the chest from home. They have many warriors. They took the gold from other weaker orcs and goblins not allied with Grog. Only the Black Hand orc tribe is bigger than the Bloody Fist. Grog is a very unusual goblin who has ogres and convinced the ogres that were with the Bloody Fist to join him.

The Baron’s advisers were busy, so the party talked to the village priest, Decklan Cathmore. Decklan mentioned that the druid’s name is Lennon Sheridan, and he had not heard of her coming to town, etc. since the undead. He did not know of any nature worshipers to ask. He did say he should report it to the Baron’s priestly advisor, Darragh Blathmac. The party decided to go find Lennon and know she is in the hills south of Farthorpe Valley near a Druid Circle.

It is the 18th of Harvestmoon.

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