Session 32

Session 32

DATE: Sunday, May 31, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM

The party went south to seek the Druid Lennon Sheridan. They saw a gigantic bubmblebee and followed it south until dark and made camp. They were attacked by ghouls and Olan & Rogan and two horses were paralyzed as was Gaul. With the party Cleric and toughest fighter out of it, the others grabbed Gaul and fled.

They rested and waited for an hour til daybreak and went back and found the remains of Olan & Rogan and the two horses.

Gaul tracked the ghouls to the village of Tyvar, where they found them in the Big Barrel tavern.

Dinkgus cast invisibility on himself and snuck in to see if that is where they were, and they were.

Dinkgus decided to throw a holy water at one of the ghouls and hit it, and immediately Dinkgus was visible.

Only the doorway slowing their progress prevented them from swarming Dinkgus. Dinkgus withdrew after being wounded and avoiding the fate of being paralyzed.

Withdrawing drew out most of the ghouls which Gaul was able to turn and they were neutral.

Canis and Jorl attempted to rush up and hit the remaining ghouls, and both missed, as did Dinkgus.

Chesty shrank one of the ghouls and Gaul turned the remainder. The party then took out the ghouls one at a time and then searched the tavern.

Dinkgus saw lots of scattered copper and silver, for which Gaul grabbed his sacks and the party recovered 2,000 silver pieces.

Dinkgus found a bag of 8, 100 gp jade gems behind the bar.

Scatttered around the tavern were 4 scrolls: Protection from Possession, Protection from Undead, a druid scroll of Pyrotechnics, and a magic user scroll of Gust of Wind.

Canis & Gaul did their best to tidy up and sanctify the road side shrine.

The party found 22 bottles of wine in the cellar of the tavern and barrels of spoiled ale.

The rest of the village was searched and they managed to find to small sacks in a couple of houses with 100 cp & 49 sp combined.

The party asked Gaul’s hawk, Hawk, to search for rabbits (a burrowing mammal that Dinkgus might be able to gather news of the druid). Hawk came back with news of a rabbit to the south. By the time the party got there, no rabbits were in sight.

They are nearing the hills and it is about 4:30 PM the 19th of Harvestmoon.

They continue to search for the Druid.

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