Session 34

Session 34

DATE: June 21, 2020

The party was in Farthorpe on the 22nd of Harvestmoon. Jorl finally found Mark and hired him as a retainer. Gaul cast speak with dead to identify the remains of Olan & Rogan.

The party went East on the 24th and spent the night at the site of the construction of the caravansary.

They proceeded on the 25th to King’s Tower and spent the night at the Stumbling Eagle Tavern.

The party went to Pollish on the 26th and spend the night at the Wizards Dog tavern. They listened for talk and learned that the undead problem seems to be more or less handled and there is talk of former residents of Farthorpe & the vilages of Farthorpe Valley returning home.

Jorl mentioned the evil baroness is a succubus which elicited laughter. Rumors persist that the baron married her because he got her pregnant.

A note appeared on their table: “We don’t want any trouble. We hope you honor the arrangement.” Dinkgus spotted two individuals and noticed a snippet of them signalling each other, but didn’t catch the meaning. One left and Dinkgus approached the one remaining. That person feigned ignorance and also left.

The next day, the 27th, the party spent buying and selling. Chesty sold two of his wagons and 4 horses and bought a medium warhorse.

They all then went to Keegan Burney’s and bought more healing elixirs and several scrolls.

Gaul paid 200 gp (half) of the amount for a fancy helmet that gives the wearer the appearance of having the head of an eagle. It will be ready in a week.

Dinkgus lead the way to the illusionist Nivin Kane and purchased some scrolls. They showed her Hanagans Writ and she was friendly towards them. She said that Hanagan is honorable and does what he can to make the world a safer place.

The party went to the temple and Gaul paid for burial and prayers for Olan and Rogan and purchased scrolls and healing potions.

We left off the evening of the 27th of Harvestmoon with the party again spending the night at the Wizards Dog tavern.

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