Session 35

Session 35

DATE: 28 June 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM

27th - 30th of Harvestmoon and 1st to 3rd of Summerend.

Party completed a day of shopping and is spending the night in the Wizards Dog tavern in Pollish.

Two new players Dock & Chris will have their characters Renelen & Stohagan meet the party and join them while the party is in Pollish.

On their way out of Pollish, the thief Quinn - an avowed enemy of the party, releases his ambush from the rooftops, and hits both Dinkgus and Gaul with poisoned quarrels and they each fail their save vs. poison. However, the party is victorious and Quinn is no longer a threat.

A thief they encountered on their last trip to Pollish bound up the held Quinn and lowered him to the party and alerted them to a possible antidote. Renelen used the scroll of Neutralize Poison from Gaul to cure Gaul and the vial of antidote saved Dinkgus and Gaul cast slow poison to revive him.

The loot Gaul finds on Quinn include: 10 poisoned quarrels, his dagger and short sword are also coated with poison. They also found five 100 gp gems. Chesty kneecapped Quinn & kicked him in the face. Dinkgus nicked Quinn with the poison coated dagger, but several tries were not deep enough for the poison to do more than cause wicked welts. A final attempt delivered enough poison to have its effect. Chesty slit his throat, then they cut him down and shoved him aside and Stohagan turned Quinn invisible before he expired. Dinkgus cast Phantasmal Force to make it look like Quinn went with the party around the corner.

The party then had uneventful travels from Pollish to Kings Tower and spent the night in the Stumbling Eagle Tavern.

The next day they had uneventful travel to the Caravansary, still under construction, but the preferred stopping place for caravans. The caravan there had nothing to interest Dinkgus.

The next day they saw a pack of wild dogs who stayed away, on their journey to Farthorpe. The party purchased two large empty lots in Farthorpe for 2,000 gp.

The next day of uneventful travel saw them reach the Temple of Binding, where Kagnar and his 4 men were waiting for them. Zho Ni gave Renelen two holy symbols of The Justicemaker on of gold and another of platinum, to aid the party in their coming struggle with the Son of The Necromancer. Zho Ni also gave them 8 healing potions and 14 vials of holy water, since none of them know how easy to come by are such things in the western wastes of The Broken Lands.

The 2nd of Summerfest the party leaves Temple of Binding and travels to where Kagnar and Kolgar’s sand ships wait on the edge of the sands. The trip is uneventful. They spend the night with the ships before sending the horses back with some of Gaul’s hirelings to wait at the Temple of Binding.

The next morning,the 3rd of Summerend, the party has half its members on each ship. They head out into the desert with a medium wind from the West, forcing them to tack into the wind.

The sand ships of Kolgar & Kagnar, the Sand Vikings - the Soaring Eagle and the Sand Splitter.

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