Session 36

Session 36

DATE: 5 July 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM

3rd-5th Summerend

The party is split between the sand ships of Kolgar & Kagnar - the Soaring Eagle and the Sand Splitter.

They have just set out into the sands headed West to face the Son of the Necromancer and are tacking against the wind blowing from the West.

They found two oasis that were new to the Sand Vikings, as they haven’t traveled to this area themselves.

A mirage of shimmering light amongst the dunes was spotted. All on the first day.

The second day of travel, the hawk named Hawk reported a big “snake” without a head. They went to investigate and it was a wounded sand worm, or Sand Splitter, as the sand vikings call it. A giant bird swooped down and its talons bit into the damaged flesh and its enormous beak bit into it. The ship captains kept well away, since sand worms can damage ships, leaving their crews stranded in the desert without water. The giant bird turned into the wind and flew off to the Southwest with the back half of the enormous worm. (Nine feet across and 50 feet long, as long as the sand ships.)

Since it was dead, the captains took them in close and they took many of its longer (6-8 inch) outer teach and Dinkgus gathered a few inner teeth to use as arrowheads.

In the distance they saw a rock outcropping that they figured from the signs is where the injured, now dead worm was from.

The captains took them to 100 years of the outcropping and dropped them off with sand shoes to ease their walking to the outcropping.

At the outcropping they found a cave about 15 feet across with signs of something the width of the sand worm wearing a smooth depression in the rock and the floor of the cave went back about 200 feet to a larger open area about 60 by 80 feet. They found 20 young worms, each about five feet long and via sleep to take out 6 of them, and defensive spells to boost their chances, plus a couple of magic missile spells, the party defeated them.

They found 6,000 sp of which 4,000 they gave to the sand vikings. 1K to each captain and 1K to each ship (crew). They also found 1,000 gp, 6 gems (1 of 1K gp, the other 5 of 500 gp value), a potion, a robe, and a broach (cloak clasp). There is a pool at the back of the cave. It appears that water comes in when it rains and must seep out, as the cave is not flooded. Gaul tasted the potion and felt like he could take on a room full of giants. Dinkgus tried on the cloak and he seemed to disappear. Stohagan tried the broach, but nothing evident happened.

They spent the night at the rock outcrop without event.

The next morning Gaul determined that the potion, robe, and broach are magic.

Stohagan tried to identify the broach, but could not determine it’s purpose.

It is now the morning of the 5th of Summerend, and they continue they voyage West across the sands. The wind still blows from the West, forcing them to tack and making their journey slow going. The sand vikings only took 3 days to get to the area where the party met them at their ships, but estimate that the winds will make it take a week to get back to their territory.

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