Session 37

Session 37

DATE: 12 July 2020

It is the morning of the 5th of Summerend,the wind continues from the West, requiring more tacking into the wind, so going is slow.

The party has attempted to identify the broach after determining that it and the cloak are magical, along with a potion.

They are once again split between the two sand viking ships sailing West across the sands, tacking against a medium wind from the West. This is the beginning of their third day of travel. The captains estimate a total of 7 days to get to the lands of the Sand Vikings.

NOTE: Players need to determine who gets which magic item acquired in Session 36. (They did this for both magic found in sessions 36 & 37).

The party finds an Obelisk of black stone with symbols & writing similar to the Temple of Binding in ancient trade tongue (Common) AKA Drahnish. The symbols are carved into the stone and have signs of some sort of pigment that make them readable from a distance. About 20 feet of the obelisk stood above the sands. Stohagan is able to read it and it has warnings that beyond this point to the SE lies the temple of binding that holds a dangerous fearsome creature and if you travel this way avoid the temple.

Kagnar & Kolgar explain that there are more obelisks like this that the winds blow the sands to cover and uncover them. Occasionally they are seen fully revealed and are about 60 feet high, and 15 feet wide on each side.

Jorl spent time sending for secret or hidden doors and found none.

About Noon an oasis was spotted with signs of fire damage to the tree tops and went to investigate and saw fire had affected bushed away from the trees, and birds and animals were burnt and eaten. There were tracks near the shore that appeared to be from a lion and others like a sheep or goat. Fish were floating in the water or partially eaten on the shore.

In mid afternoon about 3 pm after another stretch of short 3 to 6 foot dunes that made for a bumpy ride, a rock outcropping that appears to be the top of a dune buried hill held a collapsed tower. The party encouraged the captains to more nearer to investigate. The captains circled the outcropping while the party investigated.

Around the tower and inside were bones of various animals and humanoid. The tower collapse appears to be recent, perhaps from the earthquake that opened the Temple of Binding. Jorl fired an arrow into the open door of the remaining lower floor knocking bones aside. Dinkgus went in and saw steps going up but were full of rubble from the collapse. Gaul joined when Dinkgus mentioned treasure.

Thousands of loose coins, gems, and jewelry and other items were piled in one corner. On a tripod was a brazier piled with coins and gems. Dinkgus picked it up and the coins and other items in it fell to the ground and the tripod fell over causing the pile to shift.

Suddenly, a terrible beast with three heads of a dragon, lion and a goat, and the fore-body of a lion and hindquarters of a goat with bat like wings came down from the roof and attacked Jorl. Jorl made a fighting retreat into the tower. All the others, except Stohagan went to the tower. Stogahan cast mirror image and the creature attacked him destroying one image by fire, another by a physical attack, and one attack hit Stohagan who was left with two mirror images.

The party soon gathered in the tower and some fired arrows, Gaul and Renelen charged and others cast magic. Eventually, the creature was gravely injured and tried to flee, but Dinkgus brought it down with an arrow. The party healed up and dug into the treasure.

They found silver, gold, and a strange metal (electrum) they had not encountered before. Also several more magical items.

They rested up at the rock outcropping, and the next day between Chesty and Stohagan, they identified each item and the party divided them.

Before heading back into the West, the party got on the ships and Chesty lit his new brazier and a fire elemental appeared. He was able to control it to wave to the ships. Chesty then dowsed the flames with sand and the elemental vanished in a hot wave of heat with a sulpherous smell as it appeared to reach out to Chesty.

The party now continues it westward voyage on the morning of the 6th of Summerend about 9:30 AM.

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