Session 38

Session 38

DATE: Sunday, July 19, 2020 Noon - 5:00 PM EDT (Went long doing identify on magic items.)

It is the morning of the 6th of Summerend about 9:30 AM. Chesty has just re-joined the ships after trying out his new Brazier of Summoning (Controlling?) Fire Elementals in the ruined tower where they found a Chimera lair and defeated it.

Wind from NorthWest Still tacking, but not as arduous.

There is a rain about 1:00 PM that lasts for an hour. The sand clumps up and makes for a bumpy ride and throws up a bit more sand than normal.

About 3:00 PM they spot a rock outcropping with large rocks and signs of the outline of a tree.

About 3:30 PM they reach this location and within the rocks is a large square platform carved from the rock. There are about 60 statues of the most incredible realism among various rocks and boulders.

A large eight-legged lizard is lounging in the sun in front of a cave.

Chesty summons a fire elemental with his brazier and has it go attack the lizard. He flies up to watch it. The fire elemental and the party quickly dispatch it.

Three Cockatrices come out of the cave. Chesty has to go back to the brazier to command the fire elemental to fight the cockatrices. Between the elemental and the party, the beast are quickly dispatched.

Dinkgus boldly enters the cave and calls “All clear.” and is surprised by a shapely woman of horrific visage with snakes for hair.

Dinkgus call for help.

Gaul rushes in to help, then Jorl rushes in, and finally Canis rushes in.

Finally, the party prevails and slays the creature. Canis blindfolds it and Dinkgus chops off its head and they put it in a bag.

they search the cave complex and find the medusa’s chambers and all her loot.

Near the end of their search, they find the basilisk lair and more loot.

Gaul finds a folded piece of cloth in a niche about 7 feet up in the medusa’s chamber.

While the party is piling everything up on the platform, Jorl and some of the vikings find the cockatrice lair and more loot.

Thousands of coins of all kinds, dozens of gemstones, and dozens of pieces of jewelry are found, plus many magic items of all sorts are found.

Chesty and Stohagan spend all day and half the next identifying all the magic items except the potions and the contents of the leather pouch.

They prepare to identify the potions and contents of the pouch and divide all their loot.

It is now the 8th of Summerend about 9 am.

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