Session 39

Session 39

DATE: DATE: Sunday, July 26, 2020 Noon - 5:00 PM EDT

9 am-6 pm 8th Summerend - See Also: Player Session 39

After surviving the effects of the mysterious leather pouch of ivory plaques, and retrieving the strange metal that belongs to Stohagan and defeating a strange sand monster, the party heads West, this time with favorable winds from the East. They see just how fast these Sand Ships can go.

In the distance they spy an old wrecked sand ship that is different from the ones on which they are travelling. It looks more like a ship converted to travel on the sands, whereas the sand vikings ships are purpose built for traveling on the sands.

Stohagan’s feet start itching tremendously, and he feels a sense of danger. There are giant lizards around the wreck. Stohagan sends his owl aloft and it sees movement under the sands. On the alert for a potential Sand Worm, the captains, crew, and party make ready.

They pause about 50 yards out and try bow fire on the giant lizards. Jorl managed to hit one and they scatter. Two run NW, one runs into the ship, and two run west towards the sand ships.

Next a sand worm does appear and swallows the injured one.

Chesty gets off the ship and lights his brazier.

The sand worm gets another lizard before the rest are out of it’s reach. The party fires at it, the fire elemental misses it, and the ballista from each ship miss. The sand worm then rushes and hits the ship and causes a great groaning of the ship’s timbers as the ship is pushed back in the sand. Once again the fire elemental misses, but the combined efforts of party and crew and a valiant charge by Canis with his new magic spear slay the creature.

While the crew works to free the ship from the bulk of the sand worm, aided by Chesty casting shrink, the party investigates the ship.

Chesty flies over and looks for the lizard in the wreck and the shade hides it. Chesty tosses in a coin with continual light on it and he sees its tail as it pulls back, it is no longer visible to Chesty.

The rest of the party comes up and they kill the lizard before it can fight back. They take 3 eggs from the nest it was guarding and find a mere pittance of coins scattered in the sand.

They take the spear long poison stinger from the tail of the Sand Worm. They also cut is open and find 5 alexandrite gems, each worth 500 gp.

They have their loot gathered and the Soaring Eagle freed from the bulk of the sandworm and are back on their journey West, thankful that the worm only did minor damage to the ship.

It is now 6:00 PM on the 8th of Summerend. Kagnar estimates a couple of hours until they arrive at the oasis of the red lizardfolk.

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