Session 40

Session 40

DATE: Sunday, August 2, 2020 Noon - 4:00 PM EDT

8th-10th Summerend - See Also: Player Session 40

After an eventful day, the party is traveling West with a helpful wind filling their sails from the East.

They are in the territory of the red lizardfolk that the captains tell you, protocol requires that they stop and follow the proper forms for entering their territory. It is estimated that it will take a couple of hours to reach their oasis. Estimated to arrive a little after 6:00 PM.

Met the leaders of the Red Lizardfolk (Red Ssthmm). Ssthak appointed emissary to the humans in the West (Sand Vikings).

Next day, the 9th of Summerend resume journey West. Midday spot a rock outcropping with a domed structure, tomb. They stop to investigate and find a beehive tomb with signs of fire damage and fallen masonry at the entrance on the North.

Gaul saw the tracks of what appears to be large lions.

They move in to investigate and find a platform with an open sarcophagus with the lid smashed on the ground. There is magic armor, a magic mace, a wand, and a scroll. Thousands of coins and some gems and necklaces are scattered about.

While the party was investigating, the creatures who call this ancient tomb home returned and attacked the party. Chesty, Ssthak and Jorl were hurt, but with magical healing and magic, the party managed to defeat the flying creatures with heads like men, bat like wings, and bodies like lions. The ship crews used their ballistae and crossbows to drop the flying one that attacked Chesty.

It was a near fought thing, but no one among the party fell.

They spent the time to gather up all the coins and rested to learn spells and investigated the newly acquired items and re-studied items they had studied before, learning about the new items, and a bit more about other items.

The next morning, the 10th of Summerend, they resume their journey into the West.

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