Session 41

Session 41

DATE: Sunday, August 9, 2020 Noon - 4:30 PM EDT

The party resumes their journey into the West to the lands of the Sand Vikings.

7 AM 10th of Summerend. - See Also: Player Session 41

Traveling West continues and c. 3:00 PM a rock outcropping with a cave is spotted. They stop to investigate and find the lair of a pride of lions. Relieved that the tracks are actually lions and not more manticores.

They slay a male and 3 females. The search for loot appears to be fruitless. Dinkgus creates an illusion of sharks in the pool at the back of the cave, that all believe. However, Jorl tries his horn and the ripple from something in the pool alerts them that it is more than it seems.

They look closer and there is a narrow opening. Chesty shrinks Dinkgus and Dinkgus goes through and sees a vast water filled cavern of icy water.

In the late afternoon/early evening fading light, there is the mirage of a burning sandship across the sky. The crew of the Sand Splitter are uneasy, but the party convinces them it is a good omen. This mirage is like nothing they’ve seen before.

They wait til the next day, the 11th, and in early evening the rest of the lions return and the party and vikings drive them off. Canis uses stone shape to enlarge the opening enough for one person to go through.

They are surprised to see the toothy maw of a large cave crocodile. Gaul casts speak with animals and after feeding it lion meat from yesterday’s kill, it allows them to enter unmolested.

All but Canis and Stohagen check out the cavern. Dinkgus realizes that his gauntlets also allow him to swim very well. He finds a sandy beach at the back of the cavern where the crocodiles lay their eggs. Before going back to the former lion den, Dinkus swims down and finds an opening large enough for a person and starts to enter and sees a large tentacle coming his way. He drops the coin with continual light and gets Gaul and Chesty to go back to the lion’s den. Gaul sees the tentacle follow him out.

Stohagan and Chesty cast lightning bolt, Gaul charges, and Dinkgus finishes it off with his bow. There is a frenzy as the crocodiles move in and shred the giant tentacled beast.

Gaul doffs his armor and borrows Dinkgus’ gauntlets and finds a 30 foot by 30 foot niche that was the home to the “squid”? It has thousands of coins scattered about and he grabbed something that happened to be a scroll and swam back. His muscles cramping from the cold. Only the gauntlets allowed him to make it back.

Stohagen checked and the Scroll is Protection From Undead.

The party seeks to retrieve the treasure and makes plans, and will need to convince the captains (and Ssthak) to give them another day’s delay to their journey. A trip estimated to take a week, is not over two weeks.

We ended c. Noon on the 11th of Summerend.

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