Session 42

Session 42

DATE: Sunday, August 16, 2020 Noon - 4:30 PM EDT

It is Noon the 11th of Summerend. - See Also: Player Session 42

Having evicted a large pride of lions from their lair, the party finds a tiny opening to an underground water filled cavern with blind, white fish, crocodiles, and an enormous squid. They have slain the squid and plan to recover the loot from it’s lair. Gaul brought up a scroll of Protection from Undead sealed in a bone scroll case.

Resist Cold cast by Renelen on Dikgus & Gaul and Water Breathing on both by Canis. Chesty lets them use his portable hole and they go down and pile the treasure in there.

66,370 TOTAL GP/XP Equivalent / 6 = 11,062 GP/XP (/7 = 9,481 GP/XP)

They divide up the magic and the mace is still unclaimed. They will divide the coins and gems later.

They stay overnight so on the morning of the 12th Stohagan casts identify on the items so far unidentified.

In early afternoon among dunes of 300 feet high the come upon a sink hole. The Soaring Eagle is past the edge, but the Sand Splitter is within the area of shifting sand and starts being drawn downward by the shifting and sliding sand.

Gaul is enlarged as he leaps over the side of the Soaring Eagle to go help get lines from the Sand Splitter to a rock that is revealed by the sands moving. [[Stohagan?]] casts fly and carries lines from the Sand Splitter to the rock, almost as an afterthought as [[Canis?]] uses his ebony fly to carry a line from the Sand Splitter to the rock much faster than a fly spell.

The crew of the Soaring Eagle cast lines to the Sand Splitter, of 3 lines, only 2 reach. Ssthak dives over the side and swims through the sands bringing first one line and then the other to the Sand Splitter.

Lines start snapping and the Sand Splitter is held to the rock by a single line and a single line holds the Sand Splitter to the Soaring Eagle.

The sands seem to have finally stopped or vastly slowed, so the subterranean chamber beneath the sands must have filled. Kolgar, captain of the Sand Splitter gives the order and cuts the line to the rock and they glide down the shifting sands. A rock emerges beneath the shifting sands with no time to dodge, but the ship slides over the rock with an uneasy loud scraping sound. Although the passengers and crew are roughly shaken, the runners and rudder are undamaged and it continues its run down the slope, and cuts the line to the Soaring Eagle. It begins to slow, nearly stopping, but it crests the dune and they continue their voyage to the territory of the Sand Vikings.

In late afternoon, early evening the crew shouts the spotting of the wreck of the Sand Drifter on a rock outcropping. They know they’ll be home in Sand View tomorrow, so they travel through the night.

That night in the distance to the west, they again see the mirage of a burning sand ship. This unsettles the crews.

The next morning they see the cliffs or bluffs that run off to the north and south. There is a town 2 or 3 times bigger than Farthorpe. The sand ships angle southwest to a low spot or opening in the cliffs and ride the sand through and turn North and soon come to the “port” on the south side of the walled town of Sandview.

They are met at the docks and the captains order their crews to see to finally duties before a couple of nights back home. Repairs are ordered for the Soaring Eagle, which was damaged by a charging sand worm. An honor guard greets them and the captains, the Red Lizardfolk ambassador Ssthak, and the party are taken before the Jarl of Sandview, whom the party learns is Kagnar’s father. The Jarl sent Kagnar & Kolgar East to find the source of the several dozen undead that came out of the sands. Far fewer than afflicted Farthorpe Valley, but a very unusual occurrance.

Kagnar & Kolgar relay the tale of the Temple of Binding and the Tomb of The Necromancer beneath and that The Necromancer is not some tale to frighten children. The Son of The Necromancer is the cause behind the increase in raids from those claiming to follow The Necromancer.

The Jarl of Sandview determines that he must send Kagnar, Kolgar, Ssthak, and the party to the High Jarl at Haven, a day’s journey. They have a full day before them and the next day while they wait for repairs on the Soaring Eagle.

The party goes shopping before a feast to honor the return of the captains and the ambassador and the party. Kagnar mentions he has to go give the bad news to the family of his crewman who fell to his death when the Son of The Necromancer stepped off his flying carpet and made it roll up. Each of the party give 100 gp (600 total) to the family of this lost sand sailor.

They then inquire and find a sand ship for sail, the Sand Witch, that they buy. They hire a ship master, captain Birger, and a first mate, Sten, and a crew of 20. They want it to carry mounts in case they need them. They also carry a cargo to sell at Haven.

While wandering around Sandview waiting for the banquet, they find a 30 foot black obelisk. The North and East faces warn them about The Necromancer and the Citadel of The Necromancer. The South and West faces warn of the Temple of Binding.

Gaul goes to the shrine looking for someone capable of casting Restoration to help Chesty with his reduced intellect. The priest is not able to do this, but suggests perhaps at Haven, or one of the Grand Plateaus, across the Barren Sea, or even back East from the direction the party just came from.

The banquet honors the guest and pours out a mug for the fallen sand sailor.

13th is more shopping/waiting.

14th they head out towards Haven to the Northeast. It is an uneventful trip, and they see nothing of significance until Haven is in sight. They see ships going North & South and coming from North & South and heading Southeast.

Soon they are approaching the “harbor” of Haven, and receive signals of where to go. They end up docked at the same long dock. The dock is to left or port side of each ship with all three lined up North to South as Soaring Eagle, Sand Splitter, and Sand Witch.

It is 7:00 PM the 14th of Summerend.

NOTE: My surgery is scheduled for Friday, August 21, 2020, so there will be a hiatus of 1 or 2 weeks while I recover. So this will be our last session before a break.

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