Session 43

Session 43

DATE: Sunday, August 30, 2020 Noon - 4:00 PM EDT

It is 7:00 PM the 14th of Summerend. - See Also: Player Session 43

The party has finally reached Haven with the group of three ships, Kagnar's Soaring Eagle, Kolgar's Sand Splitter, and the party’s Sand Witch. They have all docked at a stone dock in the “harbor” at the south end of Haven.

Kolgar and Kagnar inform the party that they must take the Ssthmm envoy, Ssthak to meet the High Jarl. They will introduce the party to the High Jarl another day.

Before they leave, Kagnar & Kolgar let the party know that they can sleep on one of the three ships, or visit the tavern for foreigners, the Golden Horn.

Chesty tells captain Birger if he can sell the cargo for more than 10,000 gp, he will get 10% of the overage.

As Dinkgus steps off the ship, a young boy runs up and gives him a written message in exchange for a gold coin. The lad is off like a shot one he’s got the gold coin and left the note in Dinkgus’ hands. Dinkgus feels the note is something to do with ivory plaque he drew that gave him a feeling that others were after his wealth. Is it the merchant which he relived of several gems?

Dinkgus shops for chests and gets a large iron chest and a small wooden chest. He tell the chest maker that the small one is for 10,00 gp in gems for “these guys.”

Chesty, Stohagan, and Dinkgus check out the largest obelisk that mentions both the Temple of Binding and The Necromancer. It is even bigger than the half buried one they found early in their desert crossing.

They go to the Golden Horn and Dinkgus buys a room for two nights for the three of them. The three of them go upstairs and check out the room. Dinkgus has his wealth from his saddlebags put in the iron chest and locked and Chesty puts it in the portable hole. Dinkgus then puts his share of Sand Worm teeth in the small wooden chest and is carrying it under his arm when they come downstairs.

Dinkgus then hides with the power of his cloak.

There is one loud and smelly drunk in the corner who has nice equipment, but his clothes are tattered and filthy. He appears to be drinking to forget.

Stohagan and Chesty order a meal and drinks. Stohagan orders something for Dinkgus.

Chesty buys a round of ale for the house and a bottle of whiskey and offers the whiskey as payment for an interesting tale. The drunk guy in the corner says he has the best tale, since no one has seen what he has seen. Chesty suggests others get a chance.

Only 3 stand to the challenge. A farmer with a short tale, “I once met an honest fisherman.” Another laborer type, “My wife once told me I was right.”, and the third told a tale of The Necromancer, a force of stability following ancient wars. His offer of stability attracted many followers. There were catcalls about a mere tale to scare children.

They guy from the corner stands and tells of a horde of undead following the great earthquake. His party followed the undead’s trail and found the legendary Temple of Binding. Two of three circles were broken, and a third unpleasant creature was still bound in its circle. They avoided that creature and worked their way towards the entrance and found more riches than they could carry. They reached the exit and came out and on the way back to Farthorpe, this foul and hideous creature of evil with tentacles and a horrendous visage set on them. Their wizard was slain, and their cleric injured. He was helping the cleric move and his sister charge the beast and suddenly they were both gone in a great flash of light that knocked all to the ground. He helped lead the cleric to Farthorpe and in despair, decided to make a break for it and went West into The Broken Lands since the undead were more numerous going to the East.

He fought what he couldn’t evade or run from, and found oases with water, and walked across the sands of the The Broken Lands taking several weeks. He finally stopped running once he got to Haven.

This tale won the competition and Chesty took him the bottle and talked to him. Chesty sought more information and also kept sending hard hints that he can’t find his sister in a bottle, and that she may not be dead. This causes the man, Radan Brightflame, to tell of his twin sister, Reyden Brightflame. She was always the special one.

Chesty leaves to rejoin Stohagan. During the tale telling, Dinkgus put his small wooden chest on the table with Chesty and Stohagan and finds a perch out of sight he can keep an eye on it.

Once Chesty sits, Radan looks puzzled, looks around, and pushes the bottle away and gathers his gear and sits with Chesty and Stohagan. Chesty orders him food and water. Chesty makes him an offer, show up at the Sand Witch tomorrow at Noon, bathed in clean clothes if he’s interested in helping the party fight the Son of The Necromancer, and then return to the Temple of Binding and possibly find his sister.

Chesty and Stohagan go upstairs to the room Dinkgus paid for to sleep. Dinkgus keeps an eye on the chest. Radan finishes his meal and sees the box and gathers it under his arm and takes it to his room. He already had a room, but still has the gold coin that Chesty gave him for a room.

Dinkgus follows Radan and slips in through the door just fast enough to avoid snagging his cloak in the ,closed door. Radan sets the chest on the floor and his pack, halberd, and shortbow and quiver in the corner and unbuckles his belt with his sword and dagger and they clatter to the floor. He likewise drops his cloak and wriggles out of his filthy, tattered clothes. Now down to his skivvies, Dinkgus notices a birthmark on his right thigh shaped like the scales of The Justicemaker. Radan collapses on the bed is immediately asleep.

Dinkgus scoops up the chest and tries to go out the window, but the window is jammed. He lifts with all his might and just as it starts to move, it shifts and is still jammed. He then unlocks the door and then tried to pick the lock closed, but can’t manage it. He then uses the key to lock the door and slides it under the door.

Dingus goes downstairs for all to see, holding the wooden chest. Dinkgus returns to the ships at the dock and sleeps on the Sand Witch.

Chesty and Stohagan sleep in the room at the tavern.

The next morning, Chesty and Stohagan go down and order breakfast and inquire after Dinkgus, who left, but never came back. Just then, Dinkgus walks in from his walk up from the ship.

Stohagan inquires about the temples and any wizards. The tavern keeper mentions Old Gorm/Gorm the Grey, but tales of him may be exaggerated. Chesty asks if he’d every been to the Golden Horn, yes, years ago. What did he drink? A spiced ale not popular with the younger generations. Chesty buys the last dozen bottles and hires the stable boy to clean off the cobwebs and re-pack them with clean straw and carry the crate to Old Gorm.

Finally, they tun onto the street, Old Gorm’s house is at the end with lots of room around it, only a few hundred feet away.

Chesty releases the stable boy and picks up the crate. Before the door of the possible wizard, Stohagan knocks, and there is no answer after several minutes. Chesty kicks the door impatiently. A window on the second floor flies open and the bald head ringed in unkempt white hair with a scraggly white beard pops out, and the old man angrily says, “Old Gorm is not receiving visitors today, now go away.” Chesty mentions that he has his favorite ale, to which the door flies open and before he leaves the window Old Gorm says, “Well why didn’t you say so! Come on in.”

Old Gorm slowly comes down the stairs leaning heavily on his ornate staff. He goes to the crate of ale on his table and grabs a bottle unsuccessfully trying to pop the cork. Stohagan opens another and hands it to him.

A chair is dragged and put in place behind Gorm who sites down with a sealed bottle in his left hand, drinking from the bottle in his right, and his staff standing by itself beside him. Suddenly, as is Old Gorm realized he wasn’t holding his ornate staff anymore, passed his sealed ale to something unseen, and grabbed his staff.

Gorm squinted at Dinkgus, “Why are you a gnome?” Dinkgus surprised at being recognized, says Yes and old Gorm tells him not to let it bother him, especially not Elves, as they know the difference and only do it, because it infuriates the dwarves to be called gnomes.

They tell Gorm of the Son of The Necromancer, and he exclaims, “Ah, the old witch finally died did she?” Gorm invites them to sit at this good news. They also tell him of the Temple of Binding and how the Tomb of The Necromancer was near the temple. Also that they had been on top of the mountain top temple of The Necromancer and fought the Son of The Necromancer who has a flying carpet.

This information prompts Gorm to say he has a map and the mess of papers is shuffled around by something. Irritated that it hasn’t been found, Gorm goes and the first thing he picks up is the map he wanted! He asks for gold in payment, as the party can benefit from the map, if they are going to fight the Son of The Necromancer. His amulet gives him great power. Chesty makes a deal to buy 10,000 GP of magic items and Gorm will throw in the map. Of all the potions and scrolls Gorm has to sell, it only comes to 7,400 GP, and says, “Well, it looks like that map will cost you 3.600 gp,” as he cackled.

Irritated that they have been bested in negotiations by the old man, they pay the money. When they lay out the portable hole to get their money to pay him, he chuckles again, “That’s impressive! I haven’t seen one of those since….. Well, a long time before you were born, maybe not you Mr. gnome. If you’d showed me this right away I’d just let you have the map, but I wouldn’t want to cause you to break your word.” Of course the party paid the price and got the map with two inscriptions in ancient common that Stohagan translated for the party. One mentions The Necromancer, and the other the Temple of Binding.

They gather up their new items and Chesty goes to the temple district and finds a temple where he can have his lost intelligence restored. They ask for a donation to interrupt their plans for tomorrow. Chesty gladly pays 6,000 gp and arranges to be back the next morning at 8:00 AM.

We ended at 11:00 AM the 15th of Summerend.

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