Session 44

Session 44

DATE: Sunday, September 6, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM EDT

We ended at 11:00 AM the 15th of Summerend - See Also: Player Session 44

The party is in Haven, capital of the Lands of the Seven Jarls.

Chesty arranged to meet Radan Brightflame at the Sand Witch at Noon today. He is supposed to be sober, bathed, and in clean clothes if he is serious about joining the party.

Chesty has an 8:00 AM appointment for the 16th, at the temple to get his lost intellect restored.

At Noon, Radan shows up, cleaned up, sober, and in decent clothes and joins the party.

Gaul challenges him to a friendly match of to the touch with halberds. Radan surprised Gaul with his speed as Radan tagged him first.

Dinkgus got a crate and set his wooden chest on it at the end of the dock for all to see. Suddenly an arrow with a note hits the crate. It is similar to the first note, and encourages the “dwarf” to hurry up and return their stuff.

Canis changes into a bird and flies that direction and Gaul and Radan go that way and there are a half dozen men in a side alley, one with a bow. Radan tries to explain that Dinkgus is a gnome, but these fellows are having none of it. They go for their weapons and Radan drops them all using the haft of his halberd. Gaul dispatches one, and the one with a bow is taken back to the ship for questioning.

The thief (?) says that the guy in charge is Torg.

Gaul put a glyph of warding of paralysis on any party treasurer on the Sand Witch in its hold.

Kagnar and Kolgar come by and tell the party that they will be back at 4:00 PM to introduce them to the High Jarl before a banquet to honor the Red Lizardfolk ambassador Ssthak.

They meet the High Jarl and the Jarl wants them to go to Cliffcrest and then beyond to figure out what the Son of The Necromancer and The Horde are up to. Kagnar and Kolgar will go with them. Ssthak will also go to gather information to take back to his people.

At the banquet, they introduce Radan to Old Gorm and Dinkguss steals a 700 gp bracelet. They mention to Old Gorm the petrified individuals at the former lair of the medusa. Gorm said if everyone lives, he will go help with the petrified.

A guard comes up to the High Jarl and whispers something to him. There is murmuring and commotion in the street. All go out and there is the image of a fiery red sand ship burning in the sky to the Southwest towards Cliffcrest.

Shortly after seeing that there are a half dozen ships coming from the direction of Cliffcrest bearing the insignia of Cliffcrest. the ships bear signs of fire and other damage, and carry wounded and refugees. They bring a tale that a vast swarm of insects ate the flesh off many people and then their bones rose up and attacked more denizens of Cliffcrest.

The Jarl of Cliffcrest fell in battle and the 6 ships don’t know of any other survivors.

The High Jarl sends ravens to the other Jarls and agrees to send one to Zho Ni at the Temple of Binding with a note from Gaul. He also sends one to the Red Lizardfold from their new ambassador Ssthak.

It is now 8:00 PM the 15th of Summerend.

They will leave tomorrow, the 16th of Summerend after Chesty’s 8:00 AM appointment to restore his intellect, and after facing Torg about the 10,000 gp in gems.

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