Session 45

Session 45

DATE: Sunday, September 13, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM EDT

8:00 PM 15th- 2:30 PM 16th Summerend See Also: Player Session 45

Last session the players stated that the party plans to head towards Cliffcrest in the morning after Chesty’s intellect is restored and after dealing with Torg and Co. to help Dinkgus.

The party goes to Gorm and gets the magic mace identified. It has no special abilities but is really good at hitting and causing damage.

Chesty gets the screw top metal case to carry his portable hole.

They go back to the Sand Witch and question their prisoner, Jenn, and he tells them Torg hangs out at the Golden Horn tavern. The party goes there and Gaul asks after Torg. A dwarf with a dented helmet that shouldn’t fit right approaches and states he is Torg and sees Dinkgus and Dinkgus rushes him and Torg smacks him with a battle axe, and Dinkgus retreats as Torg narrowly missed another blow.

The others step in to wound Torg and Chesty and Stohagan cast slow and hold person which both take effect. Jorl then slays Torg.

Meanwhile a couple companions of Torg join the fray, one of them nearly running Chesty through with a short sword from behind. Radan joins in, narrowly missing his opponent. Gaul casts hold person and gets them both. Chesty beheads the one who back stabbed him and uses the head to beat the other to death. Dinkgus joins in.

Gaul pays for the mess and trouble but the barkeep tells them to clean up their own bodies, which the party gather up and take back to the Sand Witch and feed to the baby sand worm and Dinkgus’ riding pig.

They get Jenn, their prisoner, to show them where Torg lives, the guild hall, and more importantly, keeps his loot. Dinkgus climbs to the 2nd floor, but the window is locked and he can’t pick it open. Dinkgus tells the others to go on his signal, which is him clumsily crashing through the window. Gaul breaks through the bar holding the door and is met with a burly thug with a halberd. Gaul tries to force his way past, but the fellow digs in his feet, and resists Gaul’s advance to the stairs. Canis stabs the thug, killing him.

Upstairs Dinkgus wounds the other thug who ran up to address the breaking window. Chesty cast sleep and it had no effect on the dead thug on the first floor, but caught the one facing Dinkgus.

The party searches and finds nothing of value on the first two floors or in the cellar. But the third floor has a sort of office with a table and a map of Haven and notes about where the “dwarf” who betrayed them was docked. Also on the third floor, through a door was the bedroom for Torg, with a nicer bed, chair and writing desk, and a locked chest. They found a key in the writing desk, and Dinkgus wisely looked for traps and disarmed a needle trap and used the key to open the chest and found a fortune in jewels.

Gaul claimed the writing desk and it’s pens, ink, and parchment.

They gave Jenn 200 copper and let him go.

When they returned to the Sand Witch, there is a paralyzed thief who snuck aboard, but found the glyph of paralyzation the hard way. Chesty quickly dispatched him, as he was not giving satisfactory answers. They have words with Captain Birgir, who reports that he sold the cargo for 12,000 when they expected 10,000 GP.

The next day the party goes to the temple and Chesty has his intellect restored and they buy potions and scrolls from the temple.

Mid-morning there is rumbling to the West from what the locals explain is Fire Mountain. A column of smoke is visible faintly to the West, which ends mid-afternoon about 3:40 or 4:00 PM.

They find a silversmith and use the quick method of silvering weapons by melting silver and dipping the weapons.

Gaul and Stohagen visit old Gorm to identify the magic ring, chainmail, battle axe, and dagger from Torg.

The party gets back to the Sand Witch where they find Radan waiting for them, and they set sail for Cliffcrest at 2:30 PM the 16th of Summerend with a strong wind from the North that aids their journey Southwest to Cliffcrest.

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