Session 46

Session 46

DATE: Sunday, September 20, 2020 Noon - 3:00 PM See Also: Player Session 46

The set sail for Cliffcrest at 2:30 PM the 16th of Summerend with a strong wind from the North that aids their journey Southwest to Cliffcrest.

The rumbles of Fire Mountain sent a column of smoke into the air that lasts until 3:30 or 4:00 PM.

+2 Ring of Protection from Torg. DM’s oops on not mentioning that.

The initial journey is on 150 foot sand dunes.

About 4:00 PM each ship is beset by skeletons that grab each ship and climb aboard. The party on the Sand Witch quickly dealt with theirs. Gaul turned one and made it a servant. It is fragile, having been severely wounded. Gaul set it the task of guarding the treasure store below decks.

The Soaring Eagle had one wounded, and one killed.

The Sand Splitter had 3 dead and 3 wounded.

After that they decided to arrange the ships in a line with the Sand Witch taking the lead and the Sand Splitter in the rear. Canis stayed with the Sand Splitter.

Dinkgus used the fly and was fling ahead scouting.

Suddenly a flaming flying horse with a “dark knight” flew in and attacked. Dinkgus used color spray and stunned the mount, which caused them both to fall. The dark night tossed something in the air and both he and his mount became invisible.

Then a javelin exploded with an electric flash widely missing Dinkgus.

The party tried spells and other things, but to no avail. The flaming horse set the sails of first the Sand Splitter and then the Soaring Eagle, the Sand Witch stopped to lower their sail.

Another javelin hit Dinkgus and it’s lightning destroyed the bolt and dropped Dinkgus and damaged the ebony fly.

Gaul healed up Dinkgus and Dinkgus was back in the fight, but a bolt took him down, but he made his save.

Dinkgus managed to spread a packet of Gaul’s Dust of Appearance, revealing the knight on his demon horse.

Stohagan was beat down by the fiery invisible hooves of the demon horse.

The knight has a heavy crossbow that fired every round, and its poisoned bolts dropped Chesty, Canis, and Gaul. Gaul fell and dropped an open packet of Dust of Appearance.

Radan tried to hit with his shortbow, but all his arrows missed their mark.

Renelan tried command of flee, to no avail.

Finally, Renelan held aloft the symbol of The Justicemaker, and this caused the mount/rider to flee.

Renelan used slow poison on Chesty to revive him and Chesty drank his potion of cure poison.

Renelan then administered a cure poison draught to the others who were poisoned and healed up those hurt the most.

The party decided it best to head back to Haven and get more sails, more men, and more supplies.

They informed the High Jarl why they came back so soon and got scrolls with Detect Invisibility from Gorm and potions and scrolls of cure/neutralize poison and scrolls of slow poison from the temple.

At the temple, they learn that from time to time in the past, the Child of The Necromancer will have among their followers a warrior, The Champion who is undefeated and “blessed” by the Powers of Darkness with abilities beyond their martial skills. Gorm thinks the flying “demon horse” is a Nightmare.

Dinkgus scoped out the thieves guild building of Torg and it appears to be abandoned. The body of the decapitated guard has been gnawed by rats and possibly other animals.

They rested for the night about midnight, hoping to hire replacement crew, and maybe some marines or other mercenaries to continue on to Cliffcrest.

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