Session 47

Session 47

DATE: September 27, 2020 Noon-4:00 PM See Also: Player Session 47.

17th Summerend

The party reaches the outskirts of Cliffcrest in late afternoon/early evening on the 17th of Summerend. They stop about a 20 minute Quaal ride from Cliffcrest and ride into the harbor and discover that the obelisk there is toppled and shattered and covered with symbols of The Necromancer in blood.

Chesty summoned a fire elemental and ordered it to slay all undead it saw, but to stay in sight of the obelisk. This attracted a lot of skeletons and a few dozen zombies who could not hurt the fire elemental.

Dinkgus flew off to the Jarl’s palace and the roof was collapsed and the rest of the party moved towards the temple.

Dinkgus saw The Champion leaning over someone tied to a table, busily flaying them alive. Dinkgus cast Color Spray and stunned the Nightmare. He then cast wall of fog, and then his scroll of protection from undead. The nightmare flew up and attacked Dinkgus. Dinkgus manage to break ahead and cast ventriloquism faking the call of The Champion calling the nightmare back and it worked! Dinkgus located the party.

The party found a man signaling to them from a mostly intact building motioning them back and pointing towards some undead. Renelan failed to turn them, Jorl managed to hit the ground at their feet, and Stohagan injured 3 with magic missiles. Radan grabbed the gold holy symbol around Renelan’s neck and managed to turn the undead. They discovered an unconscious, injured warrior, and elderly couple, three women, and several children including an infant, toddler, and ages 5 to 15.

The party escorted them to one of the docks.

In the meantime, The Champion, mounted on the nightmare approached Chesty who had enlarged the fire elemantal. The elemental attempted to attack the flying nightmare and missed. The nightmare attacked it and The Champion used his last javelin of lightning to injure the elemental.

Dinkgus used Color Spray to stun the nightmare who fell to it’s death after receiving other wounds from the elemental and the party.

The Champion was then face to face with the elemental. The elemental got knocked down to 2 hit points. Chesty slowed and then held The Champion, and Jorl dispatched him. Chesty collected the head of The Champion, and they looted his body.

While the fight with The Champion went on, Radan escorted the refugees back to the sand ships.

Dinkgus flew to the Jarl’s palace and found the torture victim dead with a stake in his skull.

Three ogres emerged and surprised Dinkgus, injuring him before he managed to make a break for his ebony fly and escape.

The rest of the party found the ogres and the ogres took longer to take down than the nightmare and champion, but they managed it.

The Jarl’s palace is a looted ruin, and the temple is a desecrated and looted ruin covered with symbols of The Necromancer in blood.

The party made their way back to the ships to decide what to do next.

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